Ole Harpo is being accused of denying Jesus.? Ask some Christian religious fanatics and they’ll say “YES!”

According to an article on THE DRUDGE REPORT some religious groups are accusing Oprah of pushing a false religion and going so far as to denying Christ. According to one article these wack job close minded bible thumpers site the  philosophies of Oprahs “spiritual superstar” Eckhart Tolle who has made the assertion that “all religions are equally right and equally wrong, depending on how you use them”.Now I don’t know about you but that shits makes a lot of fawkin sense to me. ::shrugs::

http://shatteredparadigm.blogspot.com/2008/05/gospel-according-to-oprah-winfrey-jesus.html<<heres the link to the article.

I’m not a big Oprah fan, But does it really matter what she believes? Doesn’t the deed make the person? I know religion is a very tricky topic to discuss, but I think if we all agree that its not about right or wrong but about expressing a view, it can be discussed intelligently and respectfully.  We all have our views(hell ask anyone who knows me they’ll tell u I start religion argument just to liven a party) check out the article and tell me what you think…your religious views aside…How much of what he says makes sense to you?


  1. chocl8t Said:

    WOW. I was raised in the church and I know O’s, Tolle’s, and Williamson’s views are considered to be blasphemous (sp)in the eyes of the “old” church folk. But as odd as this may sound, I often wonder whether we, as Christians, have it wrong. Christ is the only way to God or you go to hell.

    I always bear in mind that the Bible was written and interpreted a thousand times over by men with their own agendas. How do I reconcile that with my unwavering faith in the Holy Trinity? My beliefs are what they are but I will not close my mind and summarily dismiss the belief of others. We’ll all know for sure on our individual days of judgement.

    In the case of Williamson, giving the woman a show on her radio network doesn’t necessarily mean she agrees nor endorses her view…just offering a platform for differing views.

  2. minista Said:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly,when Tolle said “all religions are equally right and equally wrong”it rang so true with me it was crazy.I’m not christian (i’m a Rasta who thinks God Is a woman..imagine that),but I always suggest to people Isn’t it better to know..then believe?

  3. Jaila Said:

    What choc said. I just know what works for me. What oppy does doesn’t affect me in any way.

    But until you (actually) sit down with YOUR GOD and ask all the questions and get all the answers, u can never be sure that you are right. Sometimes you just have to do what works for you.

  4. LadyShay Said:

    I’m spiritual but not religious. I believe in a higher power but who or what that higher being may be is unknown to me. I say live your life the way you see fit, within reasonable limitations, and do right and when your day comes, you’ll be alright.

    I don’t know if that was confusing or not, and I’m MAD! 🙂

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