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W.Va. mayor still opposes his own pay raise

Posted: 2008-06-10 20:56:20

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (AP) – A West Virginia city council has pared a planned pay raise for its mayor, but the mayor still says no.

The Huntington council first discussed increasing Mayor David Felinton’s pay from about $62,000 a year to $90,000. On Monday, the council dropped it to $80,000 and is expected to vote in two weeks.

Council members say it’s needed to attract top candidates to run West Virginia’s second-largest city.

But Felinton still says he’ll veto any raise because the city has other priorities. Other city workers will get no raises next year and are making concessions in health insurance coverage. He says he’ll support a raise in better economic conditions.

Man this dude has as big a heart as he does balls…u gotta love this Guy.


  1. divalalake Said:

    That’s actually very noble, and smart really. It shows he’s down for the cause and that he’s sticking with his peeps. So, when re-election comes, they should be lining up to say yes to him again. Hope it works out for him.

  2. minista Said:

    extremely noble…I wish I could vote for him.

  3. LadyShay Said:

    People like this are the ones that need to fill our political offices. But we all know that shit will never happen.

  4. MisStory Said:

    Extremely noble of the gentleman indeed, but IF IT WAS ME, I would’ve been all over that shyt. I can’t even name one time I’ve ever turned down free money.

  5. divalalake Said:

    LMAO @ MisStory. That’s true though. If someone said to me, hey… take this money, you earned it. I’d be REAL hard pressed to say no to it. I’m just sayin…

  6. minista Said:

    Hahahaha I can dig it babe…I’m sure none of us here would turn it down but we can still admire his stupidity…i mean nobility.

  7. It’s the truth shyd, as expensive as gas and food is nowadays I’ll take that shit anyway that I can get it. Even if it means showing a little ass, yes I said it, showing some ass.

  8. chocl8t Said:

    Are those herb covered boobies at the top? LOL

    But on topic…that mayor has what many politicians lack these days and that’s common dayum sense and also the sense enough to know he’s there to serve the public and not his own interests. If only more were like him.

  9. kiki Said:

    Choc, I said the same thing. Min, I think you like gettin spanked cause you know you got one coming for that pic LMAO!

    And we definately need more people like him holding political postitions. But the passin up of loot…I dont know…like everyone else…I think I’d have to take the money & run, cause while my black ass aint exactly broke, I damn sure aint in the position to turn donw some money.

    Now com’mere and let me lay my head on your chest hehehehehe

  10. minista Said:

    @kiki….c’mere. lol

  11. So Min baby, I’ve got this idea for our upcoming photo shoot. Me on top of a big ass hunk of penis shaped ice, wearing nothing but a strawberry necklace, and smoking a blunt. What cha thank?

  12. And why come I don’t see my site over there to left son, ya slackin

  13. I mean right

  14. minista Said:

    I’m new @ this babe. I got u tho. :o)

  15. dejanae411 Said:

    i’d vote for him

  16. Kay Kay Said:

    Am I the only one thinking this dude got an angle? Man got to have a side hustle or sumthin!

  17. Okay…, I believe that this man just might be the next President of the U.S. of Fuggin A.! Move ovah MisStory…., I’m all cramped in shyd up of Minista’s bed…, y’all need to get out and find sumthin else to do….

  18. minista Said:

    Well..if he has a side hustle..he real slick wit it. we know all politicians have some degree of shadyness to them. but atleast he’s tryin to show good face.

    jhazzai…put some socks on lover…ur feet are cold.

  19. Kay Kay Said:

    As long as he ain’t expensing hookers with the ^0k he IS getting, he should be all right…Oh and I’m working on some kind of crude pun involving the phrase “ggod face”. Give me some time, I promise you it’ll kill.

  20. minista Said:


  21. Ouch Jhazzai…I’m a light sleeper, stop poking in my back and shyt with them prada heels. Tell Kay Kay to get her ass ovah and maybe we’ll all have some more room.

  22. minista Said:

    I dont even know how I ended up in bed with all of u..but I know one goddamn thing..when all the deeds are done…I aint sleepin in the wet spot.

  23. Kay Kay Said:

    Sorry Daddy, I already called shot-gun on the small area not soaked in spent baby residue. We can spoon tho. ;p

  24. Kay Kay Said:

    Miss, the hell you doin’ tryna sleep anyway? You got to be innit to winnit, I learned that from you!

  25. minista Said:

    sounds like a plan lover .

  26. minista Said:

    U do realize…spoonin usually leads to more FORKIN.

  27. Kay Kay Said:

    (bats eyelashes)

  28. Qucifer Said:

    WOW Some shit you don’t hear every day… A politician saying NO to money… in favor of OTHER PEOPLE’s well being????!!!

  29. minista Said:

    Right @ Q …either he was raised right..or…his game is tight.

  30. MisStory Said:

    I’m on break damnit, I’m tired of playing with ya’ll tiddies and shyt. And Min is being stingy, he won’t share them chocolate covered strawberries.

  31. minista Said:

    UM…Dem aint strawberries!!!

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