WTF?!??!?!…There ain’t a whole lot I can say to set this bullshit up it is what it is..

My only question is what took this lil tramps father so long to stop this bullshit. I know some professional strippers seeing this shit mad as all hell cuz this lil bird is having a good night.Look @ all the cash on the floor.!


  1. Okay…, where is she employed?

  2. That’s a born hoe bytch there…, that’s a born hoe bytch. (Lockin’ my shyd up)

  3. minista Said:

    She makin a guest appearance @ Club cheetahs.

  4. Qucifer Said:

    Oh God,Beyond grossing me ouot with her midget ass body i’m all sorts of mad that these mfos making it rain on the the littlest hoe

  5. divalalake Said:

    You know what, first of all, that prosti-tot had much hip action going there, and then when she got down to try to make it clap! That’s just all KINDS of wrong. What the hells is wrong with folks???

  6. minista Said:

    They was makin it rizzain!!

  7. Kay Kay Said:

    Are you all absolutely sure that the reason you’re outraged is because she’s a lil fast-tailed heffa and not just that you’re mad because those Indian folks make our BEST rapper’s version of making it rain look like a bitch-nade drizzle?

  8. minista Said:

    Hahahahahah no bullshit KAY KAY dem slurpie jerks got that cake.

  9. bigginsrus Said:

    you know her father has mad people wanting to marry that little girl. When I first saw this two weeks ago, i was like they get B.E.T. over there????


  10. Kay Kay Said:

    They probably have time to watch BET while toiling all day at the pager store…or 7-Eleven…or Dunkin Donuts…or ANY job involving information technology.

  11. minista Said:

    LOL@Kay kay…no bullshit.

  12. nonotthejacket Said:

    At first I was all.. “okay, she got a little belly-dancing outfit on, maybe they’re just teaching her early” Then she dropped it on the flo’?!? Where was the pole? Let’s be completely honest here, folks…

    And let somebody try and stop me when I come get my child, like that one chick did. You gon’ find your jawbone comin out your azz.

  13. minista Said:

    I couldnt agree more @ NONOT

  14. NERD Said:


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