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The Anatomy of a HOE

Hello Housemates! Yeah u fuckers missed me blah..blah..blah..I’M BAAAAAAAACK!
Had some oral surgery to get one gnarly fuckin wisdom from be imbedded in my upper jaw. yeah it sucked (more on that later). I didn’t wanna jump back into the fire with both feet, but u know me…let’s see who I can offend this week.

What exactly makes a hoe a hoe? Where i’m from a hoe is something u use in a garden..nothing more nothing less. What exactly does a woman have to do to be considered a hoe? Is it sleeping with multiple partners? Is it sleeping with multiple partners and charging said partners a fee for that ass? If a woman sleeps with someone on the first date does that make her a hoe? Im sure its true with a majority of women,when they meet a man it is decided within 3 minutes of meeting that dude whether or not she gonna offer him some snappy nappy (or smooth groove).atleast some slowneck is a possibility. Lets assume this is true…with that being said,let me offer a few scenarios’……
CHICK meets dude..they like each other immediately…they fuck..all is well.
CHICK meets dude..they like each other immediately…she wants to fuck him…but only if he buys her the movie thing…etc etc.
HOODRAT CHICK meets dude…she definately tryna fuck, but dependent upon the level of hoodoliciousness it may cost dude anywhere from a chicken box from wun hung lows’…a rent-a-center bill or maybe section 8 rent if ur lucky.
My thing is this…If ur a grown up of reasonable intelligence isn’t being able to do whatever the fuck u wanna do one of the perks?
Isn’t it usually the lonely heavy breathing snack eating mud muffins quick to shove the freak label on someone? Isn’t it usually the ole elbow faced,touch of the mole man, Rocky Dennis from mask lookin ass mofos who can’t buy a date,always judging the people who fuck on the first date? If u want to do something (that isn’t illegal) but fail to execute because of what “other” people may think…say …or has previously said, then aren’t u in fact a fake fucker? (in my opinion the worse kind of fucker). In closing , might I suggest u GET some dack in ur life stop judging people and for the most part mind ur fuckin business.