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Greece bringin back the nekkid ass nekkid Olympics?

As we all know the Greeks invented the Olympic games (mostly so them boy loving poets and such could frolic around naked ass naked and grab man booty.)but quest for MANgina aside they started what turned out to ba a good thing.Leave it to the the inventors of anal sex(Bless their hearts) to attempt to approve upon an already good thing…Now Im all for gettin fuckered up and gettin some super sloppy slowneck from some random ass wet mouth with low self esteem and good credit, but this is taking things just a bit too far.;_ylt=AgJe6Yqs8g0s2B03TM.OyBftiBIF

How do you explain coming back from holiday with lockjaw and you butthole whistling like drunkin fratboys blowin on empty Coor’s Lite bottles? What do you tell your children/parents/friends when they inquire about the Gold,Silver,and Bronze metals with the stick figure giving BJ’s, Rooster riding, and double penetration?

Like how exactly do you have a sex competition? Do you go for distance? Endurance? Who has the least amount of gag reflex? Who can fill the most holes ? Who can make the best baked goods out of Baby Batter and Man Milk? If you could organize a sex competition (or Hoe-lympics if you will) What would the events be? More importantly…what would the trophy look like?