Nasty baby stealin beeeeoootch!!!!!

This is one of those situations that speaks for itself…I read this story over and over again, tryin as hard as I could to find some Humor in this completely fuckered up situation,but to no avail. We’ve all heard of crazy lonely birds stealin babies form the maternity word an shit.We have even heard of mofo’s just snatchin babies off the street.This cah-razy ass bitch took baby theivery to a whole new and completely fuckered up level.

story here.

I mean seriously…don’t this bitch know black folk don’t steal babies? and we especially aint cuttin a chicks belly open on our living room floor fuckin up the new berber carpet.Sad shit is…this aint the first time this crazy little shit tossin monkey tried to steal a baby,so why is she still free to steal another one? IMO all crimes against children should result in genital searing.::shrugs:: but thats just me.


  1. jaila Said:

    I would love to be the one doin the searing. Really.

  2. minista Said:

    @evil twin….get in line…me first.

  3. Jaila Said:

    it can be a tag team. Share dammit!

  4. Kay Kay Said:

    C’mon why can’t you just BUY a baby from a dumb-azzed pregnant teen? Why you gotta gut my azz for my kid? WTF?

  5. minista Said:

    Lmao@buying babies

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