I’m not big on Anarchists and I most certainly wouldn’t condone anything those simple minded volatile fuckers would do HOWEVER..This is some Gangsta/honorable shit…and I have no choice but to applaude them. {source}. I love the fact they were smart enough to take non-perishables. These dudes are fuckin awesome and I hope the message gets across before they all end up in prison.


  1. Jaila Said:

    This is what stood out to me.

    “When they attack without hoods, people are surprised to see that they are mostly women”

    Thats what I call ride or die chicks. Seriously down for the cause.

  2. KIKI Said:

    Gangsta with a purpose. Now that’s what I’m talkin bout!

  3. minista Said:

    Right @evil twin…u gotta love that shit.

  4. How do I join?

  5. minista Said:

    Very very bottom right hand corner@jhazz.

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