White folks shit…?!?


  1. tiff Said:

    now see this bitch here, that bitch right there. i’d beat the dog shit outta her forreal… why the hell would u do a precious child like that…. what the hell is wrong wit grizzly adams up there? i mean seriously shawty musta been on that cracked out squidward moment or sumthing. i’d have ran her ova wit my lawnmower

  2. Jaila Said:

    *sigh* problem is no matter what is done to her…the child will be forever affected.

  3. minista Said:

    Right @ evil twin

  4. And these children were adopted by her? Dept of Child Services deserves an EPIC FAIL!!!

  5. Saitek Said:

    heart breaking….

    this type of shit use to be exclusive to pale people, when they got their dim-witted bright ideas about dicipline.

    Renee Bowman, you simple bitch there is no special place in hell for you, but there is a special hell in place for you.

    They need to dip her killer clowns from outer space lookin ass in a deep freezer for 23 hours a day and burn her knee caps with hot tea.

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