Women can’t live with em..but u can cook em!

Crazy ass sumbitch in Texas so love struck and pussy whipped this fool decided if he can’t be with his ex..nobody can. So what does he do? Well according to authorities he cooked her. Yup, thats right..he chopped her up and grilled her like bitch steaks or hoe burgers or whatever caraaazy ass niggas eat @ bar B Q’s.

“Shepherd could face life in prison if convicted of killing his former girlfriend, Tynesha Stewart. Investigators believe Shepherd choked the Texas A&M engineering major to death, dismembered her body and burned her remains on two barbecue pits on the patio of his apartment over the course of two days…more.


  1. tiff Said:

    see now u kno what… nigga’s need to learn out to put that hand to use or go buy a rubber pussy. why the fuck did this nigga feel the need to cook her just cuz she ain’t want his dick nomore.. ignorant assholes i tell u. on top of that he might walk away from what he did to her…see jackass wit mental issues need to read a damn book SHE DON’T WANT YO PUSSY NO MOE! meaning go find anutha chicka to befriend. this man grilled homegirl. thats a low!

  2. minista Said:

    I guess he wanted to eat that one last time.

  3. Jaila Said:

    I wanna know did he use lawrys? Or just the store brand season salt? Was it the regular pepper or did he go all out and use cracked pepper? And to grill to perfection was foil involved? Perhaps kabobs? I mean one must have sides and condiments to go with barbequed bitch. flamed broiled female. mf made grilled pussy popems. I wonder if he removed the skin first.

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