Lyfe gonna fuck around and get LIFE

Okay I’m not really into RnB so much…so I’m gonna start a petition to adopt this crazy sumbitch into the Rock and Roll family.. Heres why source

Ok..after reading the story..that may fall more under the banner of crack head HIP-HOP.. ::shrugs::



  1. SMDH!!!! I was just grooving off of “Never Never Land” which is the bizness! At least he’s the star of his shows and not Vocoder! I love this dudes music and I don’t know what he’s going through, but I hope he exits that stage before it’s too late!

  2. jlabean Said:

    I can’t get the link so i can’t see the details of the case evil twin.

  3. soshallitbea Said:

    lol he was lookin for a girl named Joy. It takes a female and hard liquor to get a man to act a fool like this knowing he could spend more time behind bars. I wonder what she did to make him lose it like that.

  4. Jada Said:

    Lyfe is my boy. I love his music (got me through some rough times) and everytime I’ve attended his shows he has treated me and my peeps with nothing but love and respect. I just know it had to be something serious for him to go off and do some crazy shit like this. While I’m disappointed I’m praying for this man here. Keep ya head up Lyfe!

  5. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    Negro, when you gone update this blog?

  6. minista Said:

    Been Busy as all hell..Being an international rockstar and a Daddy ain’t easy cupcake.

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