Beyonce’s Oscar Nipple slip!

This is Beyonce…

bey1And this is Beyonce’s nipple…

bey-nipAny questions?

Oh and old ass Sharon Stone smuttin it up and ole boy Q lookin like he bout to catch a “suckinanoldwhitewomanstitty” charge

stoneDo better nigga.

pics from Huffington

Update. My Dude sent me this picture of one angry lookin cooch..

20071210-beyonce-upskirtBey Bey U gots to do better boo boo.


  1. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    That’s a damn shame! You can spot a tat a trillion miles away! I need a microscope to see that ish! LOL!

  2. minista Said:

    That there is one pretty nipple.

  3. yooo Said:

    suck it hard.

  4. Hackett Said:

    It is pretty indeed… dunno how the heck anyone spotted that though. If I had seen the picture without the closeup I would have just glanced at it and noticed nothing at all.

  5. minista Said:

    Same here…thank God for perverts with good cameras.

  6. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    Stop encouragin’ that beesh! I say let it all hang out!

  7. minista Said:


  8. MsLizziA Said:

    This is so damn pathetic. I mean really, who the hell noticed that. :barf: at the pole pic

  9. steve Said:

    im love with her boobs and pussy

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