Whats right with this picture?

Happy Monday Bitches!! lets play a game called Whats RIGHT with this picture.


Only thing I have to say is Kudos to the manufacturers of that obviously strong ass armchair…must be samsonite. My question is…who gonna clean that shit off when this whale of a heffa gets up? You know that shit gonna smell like last weeks bacon and leftover cabbage. Blech!


  1. Bella Said:


  2. minista Said:

    Bella…I dare you look @ her for 2 mins and not hurl.

  3. Ms.K Said:

    I’ve never seen aerola so huge! I don’t even think you can call it that! And that ain’t no armchair that’s a love seat! And why does her hair look like an undecorated christmas tree? She has those pop-eye arms in reverse. The top is huge and the bottom is skinny as hell! And she knows full well that little ass dentist office cup of whatever she drinking ain’t gon quinch a thang!

    What’s right? The front of her draws look clean 🙂

  4. minista Said:

    Her titties look like like midget ass.

  5. Ms.K Said:

    lol that doesn’t even do it justice.

  6. Wilfredo Said:

    Hey, but the barnacles look happy, no?

  7. minista Said:

    Barnacles? *floored*

  8. Wilfredo Said:

    Morbid curiosity is also beginning to set in. I’m imagining how many different type of fungi she must have under those mammoths only she would call “breasts.”

  9. Wilfredo Said:

    I’m sorry. I’m supposed to state what’s right. The fungi her mammoth breasts can cure several diseases in the right dosages.
    How’s that?

  10. Ms.K Said:

    lmao@ Wolfie

    • minista Said:

      I swear she probably growing mushrooms under her left on and penicillen under the right one. @ Wolfie

  11. caratime2 Said:

    does the fact that a (semi-)nude picture of her exist mean she has a man?

  12. QQ Said:

    Jesus Fucking Christ

    I got nothing

  13. MsLizziA Said:

    Ok im gonna take this post in say Fuck U Min for posting this shit… I hate u….thas all

  14. minista Said:

    Hate is such a STRONG word cupcake. But I overstand ur anger. lmao!

  15. MsLizziA Said:

    That man that enjoys that is totally repugnant

  16. minista Said:

    or dead.

  17. MsLizziA Said:


  18. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    You pray for the draws and I’ll pray for the couch!

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