Sure this isn’t for Micheal Steele?


Ok..So one of my best friends’ family owns a pretty big (black owned) printing company.Occasionally he comes across examples of sheer niggerdom and absolute fuckery. For instance..this bullshit right here…..

The actual email as it was sent to me:

I’m working on this funeral program this morning and this is a direct quote from the obituary:

He received his education at Mayo High School in Darlington, South Carolina. Later, he performed in a minstrel show with his twin brother known as “The Big Time Revue.” Together they appeared as the “Nit Wit Brothers. ” An acrobatic act which also featured the late Sammy Davis Jr.
So like..this dude HAS to be atleast related to Mike Steele because that kind of coonery is passed down from generation to generation.I wonder if national geographic is goin to be at the funeral ,because there can’t be many pure bred nigger ass niggers left…it can’t be.


  1. Con't Take It Said:

    *blinkity-blink* Uhhhh…I’ll be back when I have a comment. Because right now I gots nothin.

  2. Ms.K Said:

    lmao like really what can you say to this shit here? Not a damn thing.

  3. lexluthor34 Said:

    wtf? lol this is definitely that on another level type shit..anyway can i get a couple of those buds off of the left tit? im on empty right now lol i like the site so ima add this to my friends list feel free to check me out and do the same….


  4. minista Said:

    Thanks Lex…i’m locking them in. Tell your friends and I’ll tell mine.

  5. lexluthor34 Said:

    hey good lookin im on it right now

  6. Epitome Said:

    Damn…was the obituary recent? I mean that would make the dude who died what? 104?

    Why would the family decide to put that the deceased was cooning and a jiving? If that was my family I’d leave those ‘notables’ out. If there was nothing else he did, his obit would read:

    Grandaddy…he dead

  7. Epitome Said:

    Somebody at my job got an email like that.

    “Hey Renee, you remember Uncle Steve? He took you to Disneyland? Yeah, he dead.”

    I was like well damn

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