Thank God They were on solid ground!


I CAN’T say shit. U caption it.


  1. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    Ummmmm, *DEAD*

    Are they human? Are they tryin’ out for “Fattest Loser?” I don’t get the message, somebody help me out here. Is this the “Hope for Change” that we have been waiting for? I’m overweight too, but I’m not taking any fat azz nekkid azz pics! Callin’ 24 hour fitness cuz I got some shyd on my mind right now!

  2. Jaila Said:

    disturbed. And uh, babe, update my link please and thanks.

  3. minista Said:

    @ YEAHISAIDIT c’mon chubby…lemme see you nekkid. ;O)

  4. Ms.K Said:

    what in the hell is going on here? *blank stare*

  5. minista Said:

    Okey dokey smokey @Jaila
    @ K ur guess is as good as mine babe.

  6. Wilfredo Said:

    I’m gonna go against the current here and say, why the hell not? I get so tired of seeing ribs and waistlines!

  7. Ms.K Said:

    lmao@ Wolfie. but this here is a bit excessive hunny. Just a tad, no?

  8. Epitome Said:

    My caption…

    “The survivors of flight 204…find out how they ‘survival of the fittest’ came into play as these 5 hungry hippos hunted and ate the other survivors”

    “They thought they could get away…but don’t nothing come between a big girl and her meal!”

  9. TinaBaby Said:

    Hey, big girls can be nudists too. I’m a big girl and I like to be nekkid, BUT………..
    Shit like this is why there won’t be nekkid pics of Tina floating around the cyberspace. lol

  10. TinaBaby Said:

    ‘Scuse me? How did they get all that sand out of their cracks, crevices, crannies, dimples & dents? Did it involve some kind of high powered pressure washer?

  11. minista Said:

    @ Tina…Hopefully the ocean was near by..then they could just roll in.

  12. Hex Said:

    Aw man, does this mean 4 Non Blondes is getting back together?

    • minista Said:

      Hahahahahaha @ Hex…I know u didn’t drag them out the fuckin woodwork….lmao!

  13. Epitome Said:

    @minista….why you putting me out?

    You SAID caption it…I was just following instructions!

    • minista Said:

      Yeah but I didn’t say “damn near kill me from choking”.

  14. mspuddin Said:

    your not only fired, but you get a swift kick in the arse for this one…

  15. Epitome Said:

    My apologies…let me forwarn you…if I’m commenting on some old tomfoolery, I’m gonna act an ass. So please refrain from eating/drinking when reading.

    PSA brought to you in part by:

    “Long titties, use them as kneepads or sandbags”


    “Ugliness…the only TRUE form of birth control”

    • minista Said:

      *in tears*…you are somethin else..And I love it.

  16. Wilfredo Said:

    Y’all just love to rag on fat people, don’t you? One of these days when the Earth starts freezing over again, they’ll have every right to reject you from taking shelter in their folds. Wait and see, people!

  17. Epitome Said:

    Hey hey now Wil…I’m by no means a size 2…I’m not supersized such as the above pictured. But I’m not a part of the anorexic society. But that shit up there is blasphemous! If you look like that naked keep your clothes on…even in the shower!

  18. minista Said:

    “even in the shower”…wrong as all hell

  19. Wilfredo Said:

    Don’t let society beat you down, Epitome! I’m only 30 lbs overweight and everybody feels they have the right to comment on it, ’cause obviously, I used to be a CK boxer/briefs model. And then the same people have a nerve to tell me again. It’s like they take a special delight in doing that. Fugg ’em, I say. Take your shower as nude as you wanna be!

  20. Epitome Said:

    @minista I don’t think even Jesus wants to see that

    “Put yall clothes back on…NOW! I command thee!”

    :throws holy water:

  21. minista Said:

    smh @ Epitome …you just won’t stop will you. *rollin*

  22. Epitome Said:

    Alright I’m done, I’ll be good.

    On this post at least

  23. Born Allah Said:

    This is just wrong. On so many levels.

  24. lexluthor34 Said:

    hey i like my girls thick but this shit is outta control….
    the orca in the front look like she growin a 3rd titty under those 2 saddle bags she already got..lmao..she look like she trying to get miss january of the ALL-U-CAN-EAT calendergirls..lmao!!!!

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