Big Daddy Kane WTF dude?!?!


Nigga what? damn Kane..sooo not a good look. I mean..i ain’t tryna start no rumors but you better believe this is how rumors start.



  1. london Said:

    he’s looking like he wants you to smell his finger in the last picture after the second picture..

    c’mere bytch.. meet the boyz…

  2. minista Said:

    @ London
    He look like he bout to do a scratch and sniff in that second pic.

  3. Wilfredo Said:

    He doesn’t seem to have any sense of self-awareness. Wouldn’t he be the type of guy who would make fun of fellas posing like this? What makes him think he can get a pass?!?
    On another note, I notice that Way To Suck That Dick is among your links now. Good man!

  4. Bella Said:


    *thats all i have to say about that*

  5. Epitome Said:

    I remember these pictures surfacing a couple years back and was like YOOOOOOOOO!!!! How your mans n dem let you do this? How could they possibly have jumped on the bandwagon for this shit? Love how he got on a shirt and socks in the first pic. Eating chocolate, nuts all stuck to the couch. And who is he smiling at in the second?

    “Show me ya dick Kane” -homeboy
    “Teehehehhhee, I’ll show mine if you show yours!” -BDK

    And the third pic…he’s obviously talking to Twan

    “Smack me on the butt and call me Susan!”

  6. JlaB Said:

    i am so troubled by this. In his defense um can we claim photoshop? Not kane man not kane!!!

  7. karrie Said:


    i aint smellin nan bodies fanga

  8. lexluthor34 Said:

    lol bd kane was lookin like he was taking pics for his myspace profile lmao

  9. TinaBaby Said:

    This is not what women find the least bit sexy, and why does his finger in the last picture look like ET’s?

  10. Ms.K Said:

    My thing is, why did he even pose for this shit? I mean u can tell they are old but who talked him into this shit and who told him it was sexy or even a good look? I mean really dude!

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