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Their parents lost a bet with Jesus.

So it begins….


you can’t really tell if this nigga face is upside done or not.


Not saying abortion is right…but if you KNEW your lil crumbsnatchers were gonna look like this ..wouldn’t  you consider it?


I dare you to draw a face on a trolls dick and it NOT come out looking like this.

ugly-chickI just threw this ugly chick in just cuz.

Fat girl Failure!!

Everybody who knows me knows I give big ups to Big girl who hold it down…but this pteradactyl right chea..?

welcome to the second installment of Fat Girl Failure.


overconfident much?

Then there’s  this one….


That is some totally disrespectful shit. poor bike.

No amount of febreeze is gonna get the smell of swine cunt off that seat.