Fat girl Failure!!

Everybody who knows me knows I give big ups to Big girl who hold it down…but this pteradactyl right chea..?

welcome to the second installment of Fat Girl Failure.


overconfident much?

Then there’s  this one….


That is some totally disrespectful shit. poor bike.

No amount of febreeze is gonna get the smell of swine cunt off that seat.


  1. zmaji Said:

    Did this nayga just call that thang a Pteradactyl?! pTERRORdactyl! HA!

    I hate you b’cuz my computer is down so I’m at the library tryin to contain myself from laughin in my black volume and scarin these whitez and azianz! You’sa heathen!

    -Z’maji: New Man, Same Ovahness

    • minista Said:

      I like a big bird as much as the next guy…but damn bitch…cover up.

  2. Wilfredo Said:

    Sorry to correct you, bro –but pteradactyls were aerodynamic. The only way these women could be more stuck to the earth is if they were in the core itself, and that’s just a matter of time.

    Damn, a two piece bikini?!? That sarong(?) would make a nice hammock for a normal size person.
    Speaking of size, is that a mini bike?

    • minista Said:

      Very True will..but I was thinkin in terms of the biggest bird imaginable. now or Jurassic.
      she damn sure makin that full sized motorcycle look like a 2 stroke pocket rocket.

  3. Epitome Said:

    Okay….no one has anything to say about SWINE CUNT?!??? I fucking died twice reading that!

    And the first picture…is that Rasputia?

    “Are you wearing bottoms ma’am?”

    Her shoes look like they bout to do a split. I know her heels groaning like a bitch…

    “Bitch why? Just why?”

  4. minista Said:

    She look like she nekkid and her clothes are just some weird rash.

  5. Epitome Said:

    Where the fuck did she find that I dream of jeannie outfit near (notice I didn’t say in) her size?!????!

    If I rubbed a lamp and that there bitch popped out my first and only wish would be for her to get back in the bottle and never come out again…EVA

  6. minista Said:

    That bitch on the bottom look like she just be finding snacks in her belly button.

  7. minista Said:

    I dream of Cookies looks like her coochie split damn near bisects her navel.

  8. Ms.K Said:

    I’m really really sad the girl at the bottom is bigger than that bike. Like the wheels would fall off if she REALLY sat on it and when she got up the seat would be nowhere to be found.

  9. TinaBaby Said:

    I’d be willing to bet those “shorts” started out as a full pair of jeans but by the time she walked out to that bike all that friction dissolved them into a REALLY REALLY big pair of denim panties.

  10. minista Said:

    @ K…that seat is ruined forever.
    @ Tina *cryin*

  11. Ms.K Said:

    No that seat was sucked up into her massive hole when she got off the bike. Don’t even bother looking for it because you won’t find it anywhere

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