Their parents lost a bet with Jesus.

So it begins….


you can’t really tell if this nigga face is upside done or not.


Not saying abortion is right…but if you KNEW your lil crumbsnatchers were gonna look like this ..wouldn’t  you consider it?


I dare you to draw a face on a trolls dick and it NOT come out looking like this.

ugly-chickI just threw this ugly chick in just cuz.


  1. Epitome Said:

    I thank my maker everyday that I’m cute.

    ERRY’DAY YOU HEAR ME! Erry’day.

    If I looked like any of the above I’d commit suicide…resurrect myself…and do it all over again

  2. Bella Said:

    *high fives epitome*

    *rubs my own booty*

    thank you jesus.

    and ur an ass.


  3. Epitome Said:

    I swear fo cheese I hope that dick nosed girl is photoshoped cause um…I’d neva eva willingly take a picture with THAT on my face

  4. SirMacGee Said:

    damn I’m glad i look good

  5. minista Said:

    @Epitome…that ain’t photo shopped..she really has a porn dick face. Bitch look like a mexican Gonzo

    • P.A. Said:

      Oh shit dude….I laughed so hard I drooled

  6. Epitome Said:

    Then why the fuck shit hell is she smiling? Ain’t shit to smile about in life ifin (yeah ifin) you look like that in the face

  7. nadia Said:

    <<shakes head….where the hell am i?

  8. DJmore Said:

    I’d bet the black dude is packin about 12 inches.

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