Tramp stamp Troubles?

Because you hate your parents….


This bitch loves the lord a lil too much.


Any ink you aren’t proud of?


  1. Ms.K Said:

    No Tats for me and I don’t plan on ever getting any.

  2. Ms.K Said:

    No tats for me and I don’t plan on ever getting any. I’ll pass.

  3. TinaBaby Said:

    I can understand the first one. If ole girl like licking inflamed dicks & wants to say it loud with a tat. Go on wit her bad self. BUT how you gonna praise the lawd with a hoe tat on your ass? Is this some kind of subliminal way to get guys to learn the scripture?

  4. minista Said:

    @ K hey sweetness,welcome back!!!!
    @Tina…I dunno but Jesus is sad.

  5. Ms.K Said:

    Hey Min, thanks for the welcome. I’ve been taking an internet break for a bit.

  6. minista Said:

    KNow you were missed. I’m glad you’re back.

  7. Ms.K Said:

    thank you sugar lumps

  8. Epitome Said:

    Man you got to have some ole NIGO ass pussy to write all that shit on your back.

    “I got bad pussy so at least I’ll entertain the muh fucka”

    • minista Said:

      *chokes* OMG.. she need to rock an xbox or her back then. Or a keyboard so niggas can text a bitch with pussy that IGO

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