Housekeeping FAIL!

dirty-house-whore1She ain’t a bad lookin bird, too bad she bout trife as a motherfucker tho. Bitch why it look like you posing in an indoor alley? You movin out or movin in? AND judging from the cheap ass tile on the floor…PROJECTS. notice the empty box of trash bags on the floor..yet there is still a shitload of trash. I bet her cooch has a Mr. yuck sticker above it. Would you bone a bird (or dude) if you knew her house looked like this?


  1. Bella Said:

    and why the fuck she got laundy in the kitchen?? and an empty tampax box due north of her right foot?

    and u aint never lie, that floor is straight project lmao

  2. Bella Said:

    *laundry (oops)

  3. Ms.K Said:

    YEa that house looks a hot mess. I have a feeling she doesn’t live there tho. And I’d rock that shit and those shoes in a quick min.

    nope I don’t date nasty dudes. Now mind you, I don’t clean up everyday because I don’t fucking feel like it but my shit has NEVER looked like that except when I was moving OUT. Nothing even moving in looks like that. So a man with an unkept house says a lot about him.

  4. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    Thanks for introducing us to yo girl! *wink*

  5. minista Said:

    @ Yeah…fuck u nigga. no offense.

  6. Wilfredo Said:

    Yeah, in my darker days I used to lay with this women who had stacks, nay, towers of newspapers in her living room and two Rottweilers. Not proud of that, and I’m not saying that I wouldn’t do it again, but I’d like not to –you know what I mean?

  7. Wilfredo Said:

    It’s very unlike me since I’m almost OCD level hygienic. Almost.

  8. Epitome Said:

    Would you go to a landfill dressed in your Saturday nights best and take a picture? All chuckie cheesing and shit? Then what prey tell would compel a person to take a picture in this pigsty? UGH. Probably got it on her facebook and erry’thang. But then again…she caked that 80s blue eyeshadow all on her eyelids so its obvious she’s inclined to make bad decisions in life

  9. london Said:

    she’s standing there looking like she’s getting ready to tidy the place by sucking up the garbage n shyt through her cooch…
    she’s just sized up black refuse sack right in front of her…

    • minista Said:

      London…you ever think that garbage flew out of her cooch.? what? it could happen.

  10. Wilfredo Said:

    Regarding the last two comments:
    Arrrgh, why did I come here?!? Now I have this image of my tip hitting the corner of a Pop Tart box as I’m, er, hitting IT!

  11. Wilfredo Said:

    @Min – You and london (aka bad influences) started it!

    • minista Said:

      Sure dude…blame the people that are literally thousands of miles away. ::sideeye::

  12. ant Said:

    awww wil man that just made my mind start running. thats just nasty dude. you’ve ruined my day. ha

  13. Wilfredo Said:

    LOL, Guys, I wasn’t the one that thought of vacuuming or blowing out the junk with the coochie! That was suggested by two other people that I won’t mention because I’m waaaayyy too classy. Here’s a hint, A preacher in Manchester. That’s all I’m gonna say!

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