From the Bottom up…

People always ask me “what body part do you find most appealing.?”

First guess would be a big ole ass yes? All jiggly and bouncy and shit kinda like ……

niecy-nashs-fat-ass_14That’s a lot of ASS!!! Lawd knows I could surely punish that dunk till the cows come home.

Or could I be a breast man? Could these…


Make me say this….?

BIG be honest probably yes,but still not my favorite. So what is it ? What part of the females body do I look at before I look at anything else?What body part ,says so much about a womans hygiene,and her self image with just one glance? What body part ,when well taken care of can make a mofo like me lose his composure and end up lookin like this..


before the night is over?

These…sherri 2

Lookin like some leftover xmas candy. yum.

Keep the shoe game tight and the toe game will follow..


Peep the “black tipped” frenchie…g’head witcho bad ass.

Or this sickeningly sexy shit…..


This shit right here nigga ^^^^^ is some super sexy shit!

Man oh man I love me some suckable toes all kinds of toes in any color..I even like them pink toes like…



Yeah they long then a muhfugga ^^^ย  but them shits still can get dipped in some honey and sprinkled with love.Notice how all her toe is the same color and she ain’t got them dark ass toe knuckle chicks be gettin from wearin payless shoes.

I even like toes Gladiator style….

gladiator bella

Toesuckus Maximus like a motherfucker!!

When I’m on my Lord of the Rings shit..nothing ends the day better then a hot cup of coffee,a blunt of some good,and a mouthful of …

(disclaimer: Karrie B’s toe pics were supposed to be here with the headline “Pixie toes”but for some reason wordpress is being anti-pixie at the moment) yeah I’m bummed the fuck out too cuz her toes look like a handful of skittles.*slurp*

LAST ..but lawd knows not the LEAST…

jawdrop1236883259feet tat

Tattoo’s and toe rings are ALWAYS a plus!! These are feet that can walk over me anyday.Just look at the pretty, perfect, and all around slurpable goodness. Bottomline..the Epitome of suckable toes.Good Goddamn!


  1. karrie Said:


    who got on dem ZEXY gladiatior joints?

  2. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    I want dem glads, I want ’em!!! LOL!

  3. chocl8t Said:

    Uhm dude!! I sent you pix of my feet months and months ago and I don’t see them included in this post! DA HELL?!!! LOL

    • minista Said:

      U know what? U sure did..but they were buried in my email..send me somethin and i’ll edit the fuck out of it to include u.

  4. Wilfredo Said:

    You’re only the second person that I know of, that has a foot fetish. The other one is a friend from high school who used to collect stray shoes from the street –lord knows how they got there– anyway the first time I went to his apartment I saw that he had them all nailed to the bedroom wall. I swear, I have no idea how this guy is not Hannibal Lechter.

    • minista Said:

      Stray shoes from off the street? thats a bit fuckin much dude. I will however waste no time buying a hot chick with pretty feet some sexy ass shoes to put on my shoulder.

    • minista Said:

      Stray shoes from off the street? thats a bit fuckin much dude. I will however waste no time buying a hot chick with pretty feet some sexy ass shoes to put on my shoulder.

  5. Wilfredo Said:

    What’s funny about that guy in question, is that he looked and sounded like a perv whenever he picked up those stray shoes. It’s like he knew society was judging him!

  6. Can't Take It Said:

    Who’s got the pretty fuchsia toes and the black-tipped frenchies?

    • minista Said:

      Black tipped frenchie is Carmool…and the ladybugs belong to Epitome.

  7. Can't Take It Said:

    Are those ladybugs? Are those pixie feet?

  8. Bella Said:

    WOOT WOOT! sexay toes on deck! lol im diggin the turquoise polish, ima have to try that color this summer!

    btw i painted my “long then a muhfugga” toes while i was drunk, ha!

    and @karrie & yeah: i’ll DM yall on twitter where i got the gladiators from, for the low low too!!

    oh. wilfredo. ur friend w/ the random stray street shoes nailed to the wall? insane in the membrane.

  9. Bella Said:

    @cant: i just noticed ur comment after i submitted mine but those are my long ass fuchsia toes, lookin like fingers lol

    pssst… i can make a fist w/ my foot. which means i can kick AND punch you at the same time lmao

    • minista Said:

      Tryna decide if I’m turned on by that.@ Bella

    • Can't Take It Said:

      Girl, you see those long ass turquoise toes, right? LOL Those be mine. You rocked the shit out of those gladiators! That fuchsia is hawt, too..

  10. Wilfredo Said:

    @Bella – Hmmm… under normal circumstances I wouldn’t be a foot guy, but what you just mentioned is so extraordinary that you got me intrigued.

  11. Ms.K Said:

    ok I can’t talk about Bella now that the pank toes are hers. The black ones tho. . . uh. . . what? Sausage toes is the 1st thing that came to mind lol. I was late on my toe pic. So when I got to the shop next I’ll send u one just because@Min

  12. lexluthor34 Said:

    hhhmmmm i feel you on the first one i’ll beat it down too… but you gotta have some EXCEPTIONALLY soft feet for them to be attractive to me…all the big ol booty gals can holla at me and will wake you forget you had feet lol

  13. Gem Said:

    Fuck! I’m mad I missed the deadline. Can you do like a weekly or monthly profile? I gots some 4 inch strappy heels waiting to be admired like Peggy from King of the Hill…

    • minista Said:

      @Gem..i thought about it. I had a few people who still want submit so i’ll probably do a part 2. Send me want you have.

  14. Epitome Said:

    Aw shit! I’m famous n shit! Lol. I was scrolling through the pictures and was thinking “Damn…I didn’t put my tootsies in any of my pumps!” But I got a cartoon and my name mentioned so then I felt better ๐Ÿ™‚

    Heartchoface *muah*

  15. SirMacGee Said:

    I like toes to but i like the rest of there body to

  16. Gem Said:

    I’m so glad to see these long-ass toes are being accepted…cause mine can throw up gang signs. Still sexy though. : – ) E-mail forthcoming.

    • Can't Take It Said:

      bytch, did you say gang signs?!? I can’t…

  17. minista Said:

    West siiiiide!!

  18. ms.myndi Said:

    how did i know those were my diamond girls toes!? jus look like here & shitt.

  19. VeeRo Said:

    Where ma feet at niqqah I bin sent ma toesz niqqah! Where they at!?!

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