When monkey’s go to the ball…

I guess you darkies will never fuckin learn. Guess you simple minded sons of bitches never been to sites like Ohellnawl or HotGhettomess or hell,even mine. Guess not. But if you silly sons of bitches want to continue to dress up like monkeys in clown suits,I will continue to showcase your coonery . Prom night in the ghetto is living proof , the white man shoulda never gave u niggas money..

case point…


This is nothing but an over dressed jail flick.Speaking of jailbirds I wonder what kind of bird is left bald and shivering in the cold after this bitches dress was made…

dead bird

Like..do u have to take the whole “ghetto bird” concept literally? I would hate to have to clean up after this bird takes a dump. If you need a sponge u can use this dumb bitches dress…

spongebob dumb bitch

Ready kids? Ooooh..who lives in a rowhouse no where near the sea? Sponge Bob Dumb bitch!!!

And look at the Ghetto ass super HOEro…

super hoero

Her super power is having seven baby daddys and the ability to fuck up your credit.

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                           Today I tried out for “swan lake”, didn’t do too well.:O(…

ghetto ballerina


Why does it look like her ass is on her chest?…

dumb ass titties


Overdressed much?


Not really sure where these 2 over dressed bitches thought they were going.

Last and probably the least…(cultured),introducing: The Family Fuck-ups,Daddy Fuckup,Momma Fuckup,and Future Fuckup….

commietted to bad decisionsNeedless to say,with parents like that,he’s doomed.                            Side note* looking at the pic..that may not be his real daddy.


  1. deutlich Said:

    I love black people.

  2. Gem Said:

    Why do all these nigglets look over 30? Life is hard than a mug on these weather-beaten muhfuggas.

    • minista Said:

      Hard livin. @ Gem

    • nonotthejacket Said:

      Okay, thank you! Because that “ghetto bird” chick look like she bout to be on the wrong side of 35…

  3. Wilfredo Said:

    Oh, yikes! There’s so much here that it’s making my damn head hurt! I’m gonna have to get back to you while I get my bearings back!
    I do know one thing: that dude is not the babydaddy!

  4. These are some grown azz kids

    @deutlich – these arent black people. these are niggaz

  5. Wilfredo Said:

    I imagine sales in synthetic fabrics go way up just before prom time.
    Gem is right about them looking old. Do some high schools have a 25th grade?

  6. Ms.K Said:

    so when did it become in style to dress your baby up like your coon ass and bring him to the prom with you? Is that new?

  7. jaila Said:

    lol @ when monkeys go to the ball

  8. Ms.K Said:

    lol@ Min. This must be some new shit. Now I know in 99 when I graduated from HS it was popular to be pregnant while still going to class and what not. But this is on another level.

  9. Chol8t Said:

    I’m glad I joined the Magenta new world order. ::deep sigh::

  10. yoy50 Said:

    hello madness! caught you from Ohellnawl’s blog (OHN). not crazy about your phrasing of ‘darkies'(i happen to think that all of the hues we are, is exceptionally cool) no other race of people have that. but exposing ignorance is okay with me, so i’m digging your postings. (our blog exposes different subjects and even verbiage). freedom of speech is what i’m all about, you dig?

    now for my comment on this fucked-up-ness… who o’ why?!!! why are kids dressing like pimps and hoes for prom and capturing this for a lifetime? if they earned their high school diplomas, why is the objective after that, is to attend the “university of hoe-ology/pimpdom” upon graduation? some parents are obviously failing! i’ve got my head down and sobbing now. we have got to do much better. thanks for exposing the rectums of society! always good to have a heads up! check us out sometime. peace.

    • minista Said:

      YoY- Thanks for stopping through I def appreciate the love. I LOVE black people and i use the term darkie with all the love I can muster. But please believe Porchmonkery will NOT be tolerated.HA!

  11. minista Said:

    YOY whats your blog link…I wanna come thru and show love.

  12. Wilfredo Said:

    Actually “darkie” is commonly used in England. I had a friend (biracial) who told me that there’s no cause to get touchy about it. I didn’t quite believe him though. london will have to confirm.

  13. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    I can’t believe I’m at the damn circus, with birds, sponge bob, cotton candy and awe! SMDH! What country is the tribe from?

  14. Bella Said:

    me and my momma are sitting here dying rite now lmaoooo (yes minista, i brought my momma to your madhouse) and she said that you are probably correct in questioning if that dude is the father cuz that baby looks like neither of them lol

    and that spongebob shit…. ugh.

  15. yoy50 Said:

    hi minista… was this for us? “YOY whats your blog link…I wanna come thru and show love.” if so you can find us here: yoy50.wordpress.com. again, our subject matter is completely different, but i think that’s what blogging is all about. maybe we can do a blogroll exchange too! stop by anytime. peace man!

  16. OMG Said:

    the family pic is a hot mess damn, ain’t the lil nigga supposed to be in bed by 9 0r so.

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