Because 5 ass’ are better then one?

I have nothing against big girls,I swear I don’t. However,when you are a HUGE girl and you try to dress like…well normal folk EPIC FAIL….

dumb donkey2

dumb donkey

Man this big bird look like she smugglin turkeys with swine flu into Juarez. I mean seriously I’ve heard of high self esteem but guddamn. There are very few things I’m sure of in this world but I know one thing..her creases have to smell like baby vomit and rancid canola oil. HOW DOES SHE SHIT? I’m so confused. so many questions…She is an ass lovers dream tho.. Bitch like “if got 4 ass chunks in the back,and 3 in the front just in case you bring 6 friends”.


  1. Bella Said:



    *out of breath*




  2. Gem Said:

    I seent this shit a long time ago and I had so many questions.

    This bitch looks like an obese centaur. How do you get to a point where you know where they sell mesh body stockings this size?

    Is she in a holding pen?

    Why is ol’ girl in the blue throwing up “tard hands”? (c) Jla_B

  3. helll yeah man, I saw this shyt a while back and this bytch is still just as nasty as she ever was.

    At some point a bytch should have realized that carbs were not her friend

  4. I just feel bad for her knees…

  5. london Said:

    shite.. that there just ruined my day…
    her cousin sat next to me on the bus yesterday… i barely survived the ordeal…
    big people should not travel during rush hour…

  6. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    I just fukkin’ can’t do this! LMMAOROTGDF!!! I’m sorry, but these are the bytches that are made for the 20 inches, for it’ll take 20 inches to just find their love sockets! LOL!

  7. Wilfredo Said:

    I think she’s been gestating for 17 years. Any day now. Any. Day.*

    *You see, this here is a slippery slope. I felt kind of guilty that I joked about that 550 lbs. boy, and I promised that I wouldn’t make fun of morbidly obese people again. But this woman is just asking for it!
    Also, if a social worker can come up with some hilarious one-liners, well hell, it must mean that the subject in the photo is totally in the wrong!

  8. Wilfredo Said:

    Okay, okay, one more. The dude behind her, he’s asking a hell of a lot from that camera. Why, it would take the same satellite that photographs The Great Wall of China to truly capture her right thigh!

  9. jaila Said:

    dies a horrible death due to “love sockets”

  10. Liryc Said:

    How does it get this bad.. is this even real?? this can’t be.. She’s not a big girl.. she’s one HUGE ASS’D Girl.. impossible.. WOW I have never in my life seen something like this.. what size does she wear.. talk about disproportionate. SHEESH

  11. JuJuGee Said:

    While I can certainly appreciate, the desire to represent for the big girls, This is not how it should be done! Spandex does not mean that it spans the decks of all that cottage cheeze covered azz.. There is a limited amount of stretch in the fabric. This is why God invented something called a wide leg jean. So we don’t have to see all that.. But don’t tell ole girl she ain’t fine.She might cut ya.

  12. Ms.K Said:

    Let me tell ya’ll, Yes all of THAT is real! How do I know? I’ve seen it in person more than once. Actually when these pics where taken I was at that club that night. It’s the oddest looking shit up close. She’s really not that big up top at all, So from the face til right before you get to the waist she’s a pretty normal size chick. Then you get to the bottom. . . . Man, I was actually scared of it. I’ve seen her “dance” and to be real she can hardly move that thing around. But no one can tell her she’s not the shit. She has like 4 kids so someone was hitting it. But yea, she calls it a birth defect and I guess, yea, that’s what it is. I’m just curious to see what she looked like as a child and if she was still built like that.

    • minista Said:

      K…Pleeeaaase tell me you’re making that shit up.

      • Ms.K Said:

        *straight face* I couldn’t make it up if I tried! My ex was ( maybe still is) a bouncer for that club so I used to go on friday nights to hang out with him. She was always there!

      • minista Said:


  13. Muze Said:

    bwahahahahaa!!! i.just.can’t.


  14. Wilfredo Said:

    Aw, crap! That’s a birth defect?!?

  15. Ms.K Said:

    Wolfie that’s what she said

  16. Wilfredo Said:

    Is that “Yowzahs” because you’re thinking of her mother’s birth canal? I just don’t want to be alone in that thought!

    • minista Said:

      Dude..u are sooo an Island,on that thought. and sick in ur ass to boot.

  17. Ms.K Said:

    lmao@ wolfie. Gotta love that guy

  18. Gem Said:


    “The dude behind her, he’s asking a hell of a lot from that camera. Why, it would take the same satellite that photographs The Great Wall of China to truly capture her right thigh!”

    I am sooooo murked! Like, murked beyond death. To pay you back, please visit my blog post about unicorn tattoos gone wrong.

  19. yeahisaiditworld Said:

    It is a birth defect with most women, but not all. Some of them just big azz out glutinous! There is a website that I ran across a few months ago that showed pics of these women who had this disease, for real! If I can find it, I’ll give you the link. And most of them make a living by taking exotic photos for freak azzes! LOL!

  20. Ms.K Said:

    Guy seem to love it *shrug* lol so I’m sure she’s not complaining. IT just looks hella uncomfortable

  21. MsLizziA Said:

    Talk about havn ass… this bitch take it to a whole new level of WTF

  22. themadjewess Said:

    MY GOD, those women are FAT

    • minista Said:

      @TheMadJewess … hey ..good luck on your obvious statement awards nomination. J/k lol!

  23. themadjewess Said:

    more bounce to the ounce??!! LOL!!!!!

  24. LADY*GODIVA Said:


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