Why am I naked with an ass full of poker chips?!?


OK…I’ve been meaning to blog about this bullshit for quite some time now, Have you ever heard of a drug for restless leg syndrome called mirapex? Well neither had I until one night, while stoned and watching television, there appeared a commercial for some new drug. I was half paying attention when I heard this: side effects include headaches,dry mouth,a desire to gamble AND increased sexual urges. ::insert tire screech:: aye man..rewind that shit …  no fuckin way I just heard what I think I heard. Yep that’s what he said!! So basically Mr. monotone voice over guy, you’re telling me that in order for me NOT to suffer from RLS (restless leg syndrome), I may have to be willing to gamble away my life savings and possibly rape a bitch or 2? really? no..really? HOW DID THIS PASS FDA regulations? How in THE hell can this shit be a “reasonable” side effect? Fucked up part is this isn’t all that “un-common” according to an article circulated by the MAYO CLINIC . Needless to say thats pretty fuckered up. How long is it gonna be before somebody wakes up in a seedy motel room in  Vegas wondering why they have an ass full of poker chips and a black eye?


  1. The Jaded NYer Said:

    see, I was trying to pay attention to what you wrote but you just HAD TO put up that photo of the 3 “big” girls playing cards. didn’t you? I can’t…

  2. Ms.K Said:

    Wow im with jaded I was actually about to make a REAL comment until I saw that shit right there.

  3. Ms.K Said:

    And by the way, I wish you’d blog more.

  4. Bella Said:

    how in the HELL does a medicine give you the urge to gamble tho?

    *ignoring the baby elephants playing strip poker*

  5. msmyndi Said:

    damn you, i forgot what the blog was about..now all i can think about is gorillas in tha mist. looks like a big ass banana they gambling over.
    & WTF do they got apples on tha table for!?

  6. Ruthees Said:

    I have seen the drug used for Parkinson’s and have not seen that side effect so I think you’re safe LOL although I secretly think some of you would kinda enjoy that side effect.. then you wouldn’t need Cialis BTW WTF is up with the double bathtubs.. is that some kind of fantasy I haven’t heard of? LOL

  7. Epitome Said:

    You know all those drugs out there now (well most) cause some old fucked up shit in return for you to feel “good” for whatever ailment you have.

    Sample disclaimer: “Please be aware that XYZ drug may cause bean sprouts to form on your back, squirrels to jump OUT of your anus screaming yippe kye yi yay, your hair to fall out unexpectedly during meetings at work and for your genitalia to change form….however, you’ll sleep better at night. Side effects may vary but in test cases, 90% were found to be affected by one of the above.”

    No thanks mutha fucker….I’ll just exercise and eat right

  8. The Jaded NYer Said:

    squirrels out your anus, tho? I should have never subscribed to comments…

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