We babysit and we fight pits!!!

Would you want this…

dogfight1ANYWHERE near your motherfuckin kids? No? Well lucky for you,your kid doesn’t go to ” Leroy and Faunquisha’s lil nigger Day Care”…..read on

CHICAGO RIDGE, Ill. —  A home day care also was the site of a dogfighting ring, authorities said Wednesday, and investigators who raided the house found a blood-spattered garage floor and battered and malnourished dogs not far from where the children played.

Police said four people were arrested, and felony dogfighting charges are pending against several of them, including the day care operator’s husband. Authorities did not immediately release their names.

Nine battered dogs — four of which were puppies — were rescued, police said.

“The dogs were in horrific condition,” Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said at the Animal Welfare League in suburban Chicago Ridge, where several of the dogs were undergoing surgery and rehabilitation. “This is as bad as we’ve seen.”

He described a gruesome scene in the day care’s garage, with blood all over. Police also found items such as bite sticks and a treadmill that had been altered to be used specifically to train the dogs. Officers also recovered a 1996 edition of “Sporting Dog Journal.”

Dart said approximately 10 children were found in the day care during the raid Tuesday, but they were not in the immediate vicinity of the dogs. { source}

Sir Ozzy…11 months old.

Sir Ozzy 11 months old. 002SIR OZZY say’s “shit like this,makes dogs like me,wanna eat stupid motherfuckers like you”

*tires screeeeeeeeeeech*

Sooo…Basically these simple minded sons of bitches thought it was a good idea to run a pitbull fighting outfit out of the same place you use as a LICENSED day care center? I know times are hard as shit..and I know ghetto bound darkies are inclined to do some DUMB shit..daily,but seriously..endangering the lives of children? I should fuck you up! Thats the reason my son,no matter how busy I thought I was,NEVER set foot into a daycare center. I’m not with the whole “total stranger watching my kid for money” type shit. Please believe tho…If ANY hapless bastard put my kid in that kind of danger, I would set their fuckin house on fire and punch everybody who ran out..right in the fuckin face.


  1. fuck.a.slim.jim Said:

    why did i click on this graphic ass link with that picture on the top?!?! but seriously, pits bulls are beautiful dogs. . . thats sad

    That title is WRONG, minista! 🙂

    • minista Said:

      I know..Sir Ozzy is mine….That title is AWESOME!!!!

  2. iCoonery Deluxe…the random asses who get at me about using that term need to read this story and sit the hell down…ugh :-/

    Who could have even thought having both scenarios in the same building was what’s hot in the streets much less safe? I don’t have seeds but if my godchildren or little cousins got jacked up by some mess like that, it would be hell to pay.

    • minista Said:

      Fusion… no bullshit..as long as there are people like this..there will always be a need for coons,niggers,darkies,and especially Icoonery considering EVERYTHING these dumbass’ do ends up on the WEB.

  3. ava dior Said:

    that makes me so mad!!! i had a pit too and he was precious and wouldnt hurt nobody. i actually took him from someone who was training his pits to fight. “lord dont ask how i was even there at this apartment” but when i saw he had a bloodied all white pit i asked if i could take it. he said no but i might have another dog in my closet, im not sure. (WTF???) yea so he brings this gorgeous puppy out all skinny bones showing. so i rescued him from those fuckers. i wanted to come back later for the white one, but im nice, i aint crazy.

    oh and i saw this episode (too much coffee is why im typin so much) of women in prison. this couple had two pits in their downstairs bedroom who just had puppies. when their 18 month old son walked in to pet the babies, he was mauled to death by the malnourished, abused, and neglected dogs who were protecting their young. people who have animals and dont take care of them properly deserve cruel and unusual punishment.

    • minista Said:

      Ava Dior…you will get no argument from me babe.

  4. LADY*GODIVA Said:


    • minista Said:

      Haven’t those poor dogs suffered enough? @ Godiva

  5. Gem Said:

    Dog fighting breaks my heart. I rescued a stray pit once and the guy I ended up giving him to lived in a neighborhood with a bunch of stupid ass kids and teens who fought pits. I didn’t even know the little dookie crumbs but I gave all of them a loud lecture in the middle of the street. They stared at me dumbfounded.

    OMGGGGG Sir Ozzy NOM NOM NOM look at that precious faaaaaaaaaaace.

    What does it say when I’m not even shocked at this daycare?

    • minista Said:

      *I KNow! @ Gem…I admit when I was a teenager I used to get involved in dog fighting.but I grew up. I’ve owned 2 pitbulls as an adult and I’ve spoiled them rotten…kinda making amends for my past foolishness.*

  6. Wilfredo Said:

    Sir Ozzy speaks for me. It should be a standard punishment for these kinds of violators.

    Min, when I saw that photo on the post, my initial reaction was my stomach turning, then anger at you, because it was so exploitive, but then reason prevailed and I absolutely think you’re right for showing that photo. Let something like this become concrete for many of these folks who think there’s nothing wrong with dog fights, because after all, they’re just dumb animals, right?
    *sob* Let’s not fight again!

  7. minista Said:

    Ok Wil…lets not fight. lol!
    nah but I posted that pic just so people can see exactly how disgusting that shit is. There is no way someone can look at that pic and feel…nothing.

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