Caption this….

pudgy pickle huggerIf the smell of dicks and egg fu yung could come to life…this is what it would look like.


  1. tracking back – Caption this……. tracking back – Caption this…….

  2. thecitysuite Said:

    My spirit just went down to the Alter to say a prayer.

  3. Hex Said:

    Geez, where do you find this stuff?

  4. minista Said:

    Hex..sht just be finding its way into my into my inbox gift and my curse I guess. LoL.

  5. Wilfredo Said:

    I guess nobody has the heart to tell that li’l bastid that he’s really not Jessica Simpson, huh?

    Judging from all the nonsense I’m seeing today, sleeping right through Thursday is beginning to have its appeal.

  6. Din Said:

    whagwan star?
    caption :”hey look! its din-rah’s long-lost, gay, clean-shaven, korean half-brother!” lmfao hit me up knee-grow! i thought i was your favorite honky??? we need to bend elbows and catch up. holla via mail or celly.
    one love.
    ps. caption option# 2 ” hey look! “no pic mikey” aka “the pres” from myspace finally posted a default pic!” hahahaha!

  7. Meme Said:


  8. Ky Said:

    To me he just looks like a big ass gaysian baby who needs his diaper changed… thank God I’m not his mama. UNLIKE

    On a totally unrelated note, I haven’t been by in a while – Ioving the setup 🙂

  9. Ky Said:

    Something tells me he’s had other uses for that handle besides guiding that floor cleaner…

  10. minista Said:

    Ky..Get out!!!

  11. Wilfredo Said:

    Ky, what’s happened to you?! LOL!

  12. Ky Said:

    Nope 😉 I think I’ll hang out for a while and see what trouble I can get into. By the way, why isn’t my delicious picture coming up?

  13. Ky Said:

    Wil, what do you mean? I’ve always the nice naughty girl.

  14. Wilfredo Said:

    @Ky – Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m diggin’ what you got going on. It’s different. Just wondering what the catalyst was.

  15. kdwp Said:

    @Wil – *Shrugs Shoulders* I’ve reached a certain stage in life… feels good too…

  16. dzam fam Said: that a fat dicc wit a dustmop?….

  17. Blu-Berries Said:

    “Dont you wish your girlfrined was hot like me?”

  18. Z Said:

    That is so embarassing!! how many inches (if any) do you suppose his pecker is?

    • minista Said:

      Z..I love u baby…but stop trying to make me imagine dwarf penis size..thanks babe. *smooches*

  19. ulovejay Said:

    I guess it would be worse if he actually had flowing blonde locks and heels on.

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