Caption This…..

chunky monkeysBetween the 4 of theses hoes…I challenge you to find me a neck. Seriously tho…the chick on the left look like the rest of these bitches been snacking on her feet.


  1. Amber Said:

    ummmm vagina? thats what those lumps and folds are right? real life Rasputias

    • minista Said:

      Amber..if those are vaginas…I’m goin gay.

  2. Kya Said:

    :: Looks down at delectable Krispy Kreme donut, throws it across room, walks out::

    • minista Said:

      Ummmm…doonuuts. *drool*

      • Kya Said:

        Yeah, I was drooling too but I’ll be danged if I get so big that I have to send a search party out to find my clit… a tender button is a terrible thing to waste.

      • minista Said:

        *snickers* @ Tender Button.

      • Kya Said:

        Why’d you snicker at my tender button? Should my feelings be hurt?

  3. msmyndi Said:

    what in the SWOLE HELL?!
    im done…too damn early.
    & i bet two of them don’t even have bottoms on.

  4. Brandi Said:

    I bet they call the one on the right “skinny”…

    Who in the hell makes 17x bikinis???

    • minista Said:

      “Who in the hell makes 17x bikinis???” …somebody who just doesn’t give a fuck.

  5. Z Said:

    The redhead on the far right has a whisper of a shape. She isn’t that bad to be standing with the rest of them hoes. This reminds I once brought a swimsuit calender of women who were 400+ pounds for a friend of mine who love fat girls. Thinking it would piss him off bc it was so extreme, he instead was the happiest mofo in the world at that moment. I am still stunned. SMH

    • minista Said:

      Z…yeah homegirl on the right look like she jst left a hunger strike..compared to them other 3 wombats

  6. kajani500 Said:

    But what kills me is they’re doing the sideways “point your foot” pose that photographers say is supposed to be slimming…*blank stare*…so if they turned full on to the camera and planted their feet, they’d be bigger. *sits & lets y’all fools marinate on that*

  7. london Said:


  8. Wilfredo Said:

    Caption: Can you find Mewtwo hiding in the photo?*

    *It’s a Pokemon reference. Wow, I just now realized how sad that is.

    • minista Said:

      Even sadder @ Wil…I immediately got the reference.

      • Wilfredo Said:

        Okay, here’s the saddest part of all: If you note the belly of the first lady, you’ll see MewTwo hiding there. See the head? See the paws?

  9. Caramel Angel Falling Said:

    Damn it! My eyes were just starting heal and then I see this! Why in the blue hell didn’t the camera just self distruct?

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