Woman found “not living” under 8 feet of trash

dirty ass crib

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) <you surprised? – Authorities have found the body of a 71-year-old woman after wading through a Jacksonville, Florida home filled with garbage piled eight feet high.

The Florida Times-Union reports that officers were checking on Carina E. Decampo late Tuesday, after worried family members called to say they hadn’t heard from her in weeks.

They were met with what police called “unbelievable squalor” and a stench that made officers ill.

After trying to search for about 20 minutes, they had to call in help.

The fire department arrived, using breathing gear and search dogs to find Decampo.  No cause of death was immediately released.

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“No cause of death was immediately released”…shiiiiid I got a pretty good goddamn idea. “squalor”…I blame can’t even blame the old lady,who at 71 years old, I’m sure suffered from dementia.I blame her family for letting her live alone in that mess. They need their ass’ whipped with a bag of dead cats. 8 feet?!? 8 motherfuckin feet of trash and garbage?

*reminds me of the time*… I dated this one chick and she asked me to go to the basement to light her water heater . This trifling slack jawed fuckin troll’s basement was soo dirty she had mushrooms…yes fuckin mushrooms growing out of the collection of clothes and assorted bullshit on the floor.Stanley and I really dodged the bullet on that one…. But um..yeah…these people need their ass beat.


  1. kajani500 Said:

    That’s freakin disgusting! Not the old lady (lathough she was a nasty summamabytch) but her rotten ass kids! You don’t call or visit or care for your mama enough to make sure she doesn’t slip & fall under 8ft of trash without her medic-alert necklace, but you wanna call AFTERWARDS cuz you haven’t heard from her?? “They said mama hasn’t stopped by her neighborhood McDonalds in 5 days & we’re kinda worried…” I hope they make those family members pay for clean up and damages…lousy bastards…

    • minista Said:

      I may be a lil more bothered by the fact that she is a regular @ Mcdonalds…maybe THATS what killed her @ Kajani

  2. msmyndi Said:

    that really is SAD. how could they leave her like that!? like they didn’t know about this 8 feet of trash beside her damn bed. hell, they probably have to deliver that shit to her, idk how she got to the car through all that mess!
    somebody defiantly deserves a good beat down. ever heard of NURSING HOMES?
    p.s. love the new layout!

    • minista Said:

      Yeah Myn…there is NO WAY I would allow my mother to spend her last years sans dignity.
      P.S. Thank u!!

  3. Brandi Said:

    SMFH! The worst part about this whole thing is I know a family whose house is very close to being like this. Its 5 of them (2 adults n 3 teens) n they all seem to think this is right. I was sitting at my house with one of the kids n we were watchin tv and a commercial came on about roaches n shawty had the nerve to say, “Everybody got roaches!” I looked at her n said, “nah, just ya’ll”
    If cleanliness is next to Godliness then all these bastids going to hell.

  4. Z Said:

    I guess I am missing something here. Is she is dead….how did she get UNDER the 8 feet of garbarge? How do we know someone didn’t come and toss that shyt on top of her?

    • kajani500 Said:

      You toss 8ft of trash on someone & chances are you’re gonna be right there w/her when they find her body. Unless you came prepared to dig your way back out…then there’d be a trail to incriminate you.

    • Wilfredo Said:

      Perhaps the rubbish reacted like a longtime companion dog and laid on top of her in mourning.
      Cruel, Wolf, cruel.

      On a serious note, it could be that she had alienated her children, hence the negligence. That should never happen to any family.

      • minista Said:

        *gasp* @ Wil…..dude I…you…Jesus Christ man…what is wrong with you? *fakes like I ain’t lmao*

    • minista Said:

      Z, baby…I was wondering the same shit….like maybe she was carrying it and it all came tumbling down on her? I dunno…I’m confused and appalled = Conpalled.

  5. london Said:

    she was someone to someone once… too sad..
    and yes.. how did the rubbish get on top of her?

  6. blog4jesus2 Said:

    Oh my gosh! I don’t know what is worse…the piles of junk in the ladies house or the family members who haven’t checked on her in two weeks?!!

  7. Saitek Said:

    Min, i thought u were just being your normal self with your typical name changes on OHN but ill be gat damned if this shit is a true damn story…and in my city at that…sad sad sad….

    To die alone is already kinda effed up, but to die alone, in trash and then it takes weeks for someone to notice…wtf?!? could she really have been that much of a jerk when she was alive?

    • minista Said:

      Damn shame the people at the neighborhood McDonalds see’s her more then her Family.

  8. Cas Said:

    The Collyer brothers had her ass beat…


    …and its a real shame her children were douchebags.

  9. Meme Said:

    What tha hell

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