“I’m the dummy who robbed you house,can I have my wallet back?”


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Losing his wallet was a would-be robber’s mistake. Trying to get it back was an even bigger blunder.

Police in Little Rock, Ark., report 23-year-old Courvoisier Marteze Riley dropped his wallet during an attempted robbery at a home.

While police were interviewing the victim, authorities say Riley called wanting to get his wallet returned. Officers say Riley told the victim to bring the wallet to a service station.

Of course, that’s where officers found the suspect. Police say Riley tried to run, but was caught after a short chase. < source >

Never mind the sad fact that we know his mothers’ alcoholic beverage of choice AND the fact she was stupid enough to name him after it…hell that’s nothing new …Alize anyone? Somebody needs to do a survey or some shit because he HAS to be the dumbest ass in captivity!

Anybody wanna ride with me to Arkansas to give this dumb sumbitch the beating he deserves? A motherfucker that stupid DOES NOT need to be free, just put his dumb ass in a room with crayons and Bet..and give his simpleminded ass all the “red” Kool-aid he can drink. I wish a motherfucker would rob my house,drop his wallet..and have the GIGANTIC balls to call my fuckin house and ask ME? to bring me his shit? Obama could be having a press conference announcing a permanent middle east peace agreement and they would interrupt ole boy just to tell the world what I did to this dumb as dog shit,turd blossom of a mental midget.

The first thing I would do is thank the Lord baby Jesus for the good fortune of allowing me the opportunity and honor to exact vengeance in his name,on this asshole using the divine instrument of my foot. I would whip that niggas ass till my back hurt..the return that shit for brains having son of a bitch his wallet (minus any money he may have had) AND I would have refused to press charges. That ass whipping would definitely be punishment enough…trust me


  1. Bella Said:

    what a genius!! *applauds*

  2. msmyndi Said:

    im done @ Courvoisier bein this fools name. smDh.

  3. RAEthoven Said:

    what a dumbass! and i am *DEAD* at that name !

  4. Amber Said:

    wtf!!! he was doomed from birth… the cards were already dealt and it was destiny fufilled that he committed such a retarded mistake… who robs a house with identification on them?

    • minista Said:

      “who robs a house with identification on them?” – Amber …when a motherfucker is named after liquor..I expect nothing but dumb shit. Would you vote for a someone named Smirnoff Smith or Jagermiester Jenkins..even IF they were qualified?

      • Amber Said:

        hell to the nah… thats like inviting adolf hitler to a batmizvah

  5. Wilfredo Said:

    Amber took the words right out of my fingertips! Poor bastid! Jail might be the only safe place for him! That guy would be the inspiration for all those screw-in light bulb jokes!

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