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Sexy or just plain weird?

Who doesn’t know about my foot fetish?..But this isn’t about me (this time)….Weird or sexy? you tell me.

By: Julian Hakes

If you look closely you can see where there is support for the ball of the foot and the heel. Obviously not for chicks with cankles.

Unknown Designer

High chairs or bar stools? either way…dangerously sexy.

By: Dior


By:  Maki Aminaka and Marcus Wilmont

Sole-less shoes? I dunno about that one.

By: Catherine Meuter

paper Origami shoes are sexy…till it rains.

The Most awesomest skripper shoes ever!!!

By: Marc Jacobs

Inverted heel…seeing these on a chick after a Saturday of drinking would Totally make me dizzy.

Thanks to Wilfredo for sending this in.

Don’t be a this asshole.

You’ve proven yourself to be a true…



LEBANON, Pa. – Police in central Pennsylvania say they’ve nabbed a real pothead. They said an officer spotted 29-year-old Cesar Lopez inside a convenience store with a bag of marijuana stuck to his forehead. Investigators said Lopez was seen peering inside his baseball cap early Saturday morning in Lebanon, about 75 miles northwest of Philadelphia. When Lopez looked up, the officer noticed a small plastic bag appearing to contain marijuana stuck to his forehead.

Police said the officer peeled the bag off Lopez’s forehead and placed him under arrest. He has been charged with drug possession. Police do not know whether Lopez has an attorney.

Authorities say the sweatband of a baseball cap is a frequent hiding place for drugs. < Associated press >

Is Mercury in retrograde or some shit? Fuck is going on with all these dumb as dog shit mofo’s this week? There isn’t a whole lot of commentary I can add to this because at some point it goes beyond funny to …sad. Why? …because chances are..if he hasn’t already, he’s gonna knock up some poor impoverished bird with low self esteem and even lower expectations..AND the LAST thing he needs, is to be responsible for another life.Then again…what are the chances he’s actually the type of cat to actually stuck around to raise his kid.?