Meet Mr.Hanky at the Beach…

" I wanna go to the Beach!"

So what does happen to all the poopie and waste water from all those thousands people who enjoy cruise ships?  Why,they dump it at the beach thats what!….And depending upon where you live…YOUR BEACH!

Raw sewage contains disease pathogens and toxins, impairs the respiratory functions in water life, and causes algae blooms. And cruise ships are dumping it just off shore, possibly washing up on the beach near where your family is vacationing.

Nightmare fiction? Hardly.

Though most travelers don’t know about this practice, environmentalists tell this kind of wastewater dumping is all too common for the cruise industry: Federal lawsuits have been filed against the cruise ship companies. The U.S. Coast Guard and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have cracked down on the firms. For years, legislators have tried to get a new bill passed which would reign in the hazardous practices. Indeed, one proposed by Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Sam Farr (D-Calif.) was introduced just days ago.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the cruise industry has grown at double the rate of the rest of the travel industry. The average cruise ship has the capacity for as many as 7,000 passengers and crew members; the boats are floating cities, with restaurants, hair salons, dry cleaners and entertainment venues.

During a typical week, EPA says, a cruise ship with 3,000 passengers can generate 200,000 gallons of waste and sewage and 1 million gallons of gray water from showers and drains. 0_O  ::: source :::

The term “poop deck” has NEVER been funnier to me then it is right now. Can you imagine being on vacation with your family in Hawaii and your kid comes running to you with a snicker bar in his hand he found in the water..only to realize it’s not a snicker bar but a big ass dookie turd? Like seriously how is this shit(pun intended) legal? wouldn’t it make more sense to dump that shit into the open ocean? Or would that bring all the nut bags from PETA and the like,out of the woodwork? Ever notice how Peta will fight for the rights on roaches n shit…but cruise ships dropping corn filled logs of doo doo on human inhabited beaches doesn’t even get those tree hugging stoners out of bed. With that said..I leave u with this gem…

"shittin all up on your beach ..bitches"


  1. Bangs and a Bun Said:

    I’m a city girl through and through. Beaches have never done it for me. Now I know why. That’s just nasty!

    • minista Said:

      I love the beach…but in most cases I tend to swim in the river…nothings cleaner then running water.

  2. Lina Said:

    PETA ruins every fucking thing…then again I like seafood, so im fucked either way.

  3. Wilfredo Said:

    Let me tell you, if that were real pile of caca, I would say that its former host is ingesting a lot of fat in his/her diet!
    Even though I go to the beach a lot, I rarely swim in the ocean. I mostly go for the partying.

    • minista Said:

      I heard a long time ago that 20% of beach sand is waste material from birds ,marine life etc.

      • Wilfredo Said:

        You know, I can deal with that, by forgetting that bit of data by tomorrow at the latest.

  4. atltx Said:

    That’s a good shat…

  5. hello_kitty_slut Said:

    See this is why I am glad I no longer live in VA Beach!!! Even when I did live there I had a no beach rule. If I cant see my feet when I stand in the water I don’t need to be in it!!!

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