No Masks? No Brains? No problem.

Even idiots think these guys are idiots.

How do you spell dumb?

With a permanent black marker, according to the police chief of a small Iowa town where two men allegedly used a marker — instead of a mask or stocking — to disguise their faces before trying to break into a home.

“They were being dumb and, combine that with alcohol, and it was the perfect storm,” Carroll Police Chief Jeff Cayler told CNN.

His officers were responding to a call about an attempted burglary when they pulled over a car matching the suspects’ vehicle.

Inside, they found two men with their faces blackened with permanent marker. Police said the caller had described two men with painted faces attempting to break into an apartment last Friday night before driving off.

Matthew McNelly, 23, and Joey Miller, 20, were arrested at gunpoint after officers were told they might be armed. Neither man had a weapon. McNelly and Miller were each charged with attempted second-degree burglary. Both men were released after posting bond.

“We’re very skilled investigators and the black faces gave them right away,” Cayler joked. “I have to assume the officers were kind of laughing at the time. I’ve never heard of coloring your face with a permanent marker.”

Cayler said police believe one of the alleged burglars targeted the home because he suspected his girlfriend had a relationship with the man who lived there.

“They probably were just not thinking straight and figured we’ll go out and scare the guy or whatever,” Cayler said.

“I’ve been chief here almost 25 years, been with the department 28½ years and I’ve seen a lot of things that make me laugh and weird things but this was probably the best combination of the two — strangely weird and hilariously funny all at the same time.” :::: source ::::

wait for it…waaaiiit fooor iiit…..BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! nigga what? Now I’ve seen some dumb ass shit in my day lemme tell you…but two motherfuckers and btween the 2 NOBODY had the brains to be like “ya know somethin Joey ,maybe this isn’t the best idea we’ve had” permanent marker? marker? really dog? c’mon dog! I wish the fuck I would catch 2 white boys breakin in my shit lookin like Nipsy Russel n shit.I swear for God I’m making that blackface …blacknblueface. When you’re this stupid…Jail is probably the safest place for you.


  1. Wilfredo Said:

    Okay, before I mention their stupidity, may I suggest that we put out a referendum that people stop using the term Perfect Storm? Especially, since there were only two elements described in this case.

    The perps’ stupidity is alarming, but not because of those two morons, but because these types of incidents seems to be occurring with alarming frequency these days. I mean, how can I feel smarter to folks, when the folks are astonishingly stupid? It’s not me, it’s them!

  2. kajani500 Said:

    I wanna know just how f*cked you gotta get to grab & sharpie, look at your homeboy & say “You’re a muhfukkin GENIUS!! This will work!” Whatever they were drinking/smoking/rollin on, I hope I NEVER even accidentally ingest any of that mess. They should be locked up not for the crime, but for being dumbasses. In fact, lock their mamas up too for not raising smarter kids. Lock the whole damn family up for not having a 24 hr nurse babysitting their retarded asses!

  3. Can't Take It Said:

    I just….I just…*sigh* Fuck it. Dumber than burnt biscuits.

  4. Meme Said:

    I’m so confused why Jesus why

  5. ulovejay Said:

    They were dumb asses from the gate, don’t blame it on the alcohol!! Thats my friend and we get along just fine w/o doing dumb shyt!

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