Swine Flu causes Chick Fight!!!

These Chicks weren't involved,which is why there was no sword play or knives thrown.

Swine flu got chicks fighting like Vikings on the goddamn subway…

If you think tensions over swine flu are exaggerated, think again.

We saw a violent altercation between two women this morning on the New York City subway because of H1N1.

The D train was traveling south from Rockefeller Center (50th Street) to Bryant Park (42nd Street) shortly after 8:00 am. One woman, perhaps 5’7″, slightly overweight and with dyed reddish blond hair, was coughing without covering her mouth. Maybe it was swine flu, maybe not.

Another woman, roughly 5’2″, stocky, with her blond hair in a slicked-back bun, was nearby, clearly displeased. She made a curt comment to the first woman, something to the effect of “you need to cover your mouth — I don’t want swine flu.”

The second woman continued to yell at the cougher, berating her until she reacted, beginning to curse back. It escalated, and the accosting woman yelled “get the conductor!”

No one got the conductor — it just seemed like a shouting match — but as the train pulled into 42nd Street, the coughing woman spit on the other, provoking what sounded like a punch from the reaction of the crowd (we didn’t directly see it). Then the cougher attempted to exit the train as the doors were open, but the second woman grabbed her by the back of the hair, violently yanking her down to the floor.

The last action happened directly in front of us. The cougher got up, yelling and cursing, but was escorted out of the train by what appeared to be a friend. Your correspondent, who had been sleepily reading about CIT’s bankruptcy filing, held the shorter woman back, who kept screaming as the second woman left the train.

Mercifully, the train doors closed, separating the two women, and continued to 34th Street.

Most passengers shook their heads at the absurdity of the situation.

But more than a few sympathized with the woman who was coughed on. “She wasn’t even covering her mouth,” said one woman. “That sh-t was going all over the train.”

Added a male witness: “I could have decked her too. That swine flu is treacherous.”

source : Business insider

Seriously tho…people are dying from swine flu n shit ..So I can see Home girl saying some shit…but for that nasty swine flu infected cow to SPIT in somebodies face and mouth? Instant ass whipping…In this day and age and under the current health crisis climate we’re forced to live under…I would say that was a fully justifiable ass whipping… I for one ,thinks she got off easy. I’m prone to over react so chances are they would have been scraping that nasty bitch off the 3rd rail. I mean..she is literally RISKING peoples lives because she was too fuckin lazy to raise her hamhock of a fist to her pudgy face to cover that disease filled dick pocket she calls a mouth.



  1. Kya Said:

    That’s just plain rude! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to slap the cat shit out of people for not covering their mouths…. long before Swine flu ever hit the headlines.

    • minista Said:

      Right @ Kya …swine flu or not…cover your fuckin mouth.

  2. Amber Said:

    Damnit why couldn’t be one of the mornings I had to carry my ass to Bryant Park… I probably would have helped ole girl beat THAT ASS! People are so disgusting… That damn swine flu and h1n1 aint no joke that shit stays alive in the air for 20 minutes to 2 hrs… It woulda been like outbreak in that train car

    • minista Said:

      Amber..I think EVERYBODY on that car wanted to whip that ass. The blogger who first reported it,having witnessed it first hand…now has swine flu.

      • Kya Said:

        I don’t care if it’s ever proven – in my irrational mind, that heffa brought a plague upon the land!

      • minista Said:

        Exactly Kya..besides swine flu…who the fuck knows what other airborne pathogens that trick was hacking up.

  3. My 4 year old covers her mouth smdh that cougher is a beast and she deserved her ass whoppin

  4. Wilfredo Said:

    Seriously, what would it cost somebody to pick up her/his crook of the arm and just cough in it? Coughing/sneezing without covering your mouth in a public place is the height of rudeness!

    BTW, was this post supposed to get me horny with the grappling girls? I’m getting mixed signals here!

  5. kajani500 Said:

    gotta be honest…I’ve wanted to drop a mofo recently for coughing on my kids, but I’m just an ass like that…

    I really can’t say anything except if you’re gonna run your mouth & start the fight, make sure you get in some good licks so you don’t seem like the dumb ass in the story. That’s all.

  6. lexluthor34 Said:

    oh dam this heffer spit in the woman? i don’t hit women but if a bitch spit on me swine flu or not she gettin hemmed up in a crossface chicken wing or suttin lol

  7. hello_kitty_slut Said:

    I woudl have beat that bitch ass too!!!!

  8. LaLokita Said:

    along with the smell of day old dick &bad decisons that fumed from her open nasty mouth.

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