Katt Williams 911 call…

Smiling like he just fucked a 17 yr old boy!

Sooo…we’ve heard the recent stories of you man Katt Williams being arrested for burglary n shit. Well…as it turns out ,He is in fact innocent of burglary, HOWEVER he may be guilty of a rump raid on a 17 yr old pickle smoker.

Check out the 911 call and decide for yourself.

Seriously tho…after hearing that hilarious shit… it makes this hilarious shit make much more sense…

I am a Boy Damon!!..or am I?

Mini Katt Williams

But seriously tho…Katt…What the fuck is wrong with you dude?  I mean..I always suspected you were an undercover pickle smoker…but to be flying out lil underage boys for you own sordid pleasure? WTF?!? I bet he had that house he was leasing smelling like stale perm and fresh asshole.

Remember this shit…?

Po lil pimp pimp….



  1. Kya Said:

    Rump Raid?!? That shyt made me have to hawk my soul down before it sunk into the pits of hell. I don’t say “hate” but I seriously dislike you for ten minutes.

    • minista Said:

      I’m just sayin babe…it is what it is….but in 11 minutes make sure u start liking me again.

      • Kya Said:

        Oh, I forgot… dislike is over. Now let’s cuddle.

  2. Wilfredo Said:

    It made sense… to Kat Williams!
    It’s funny how the first thing that comes out of his description was that he’s short!

    • minista Said:

      Dude..thats horrible cuz I know where ur goin with this…

      • Wilfredo Said:

        Really, Min? LOL, you planted that seed in your own head, ’cause I was really referring to his stature. Kat is a little dude. You are your own worst enemy, LMAO!

  3. sunnydelyte21 Said:

    LMAO..Hey I love Katt Williams…but this is too funny

  4. Meme Said:


  5. london Said:

    i have so many questions…

  6. caratime2 Said:

    If this is true, he may want to reconsider his little skit about michael jackson, doncha think?!?!?

    • minista Said:

      there’s a whole lot this lil mini meat muncher needs to reconsider.

  7. Wilfredo Said:

    I don’t think there was any call for his actions, but maybe he just wanted to get that closet thing out there in the most fugged up way possible. Mission Accomplished.

  8. yoy50 Said:

    Awe… ya’ll are sooo bad! haha. Maybe I’m L-7, but my mind didn’t travel down that lane (well… not just yet). I like this munchkin. I HOPE there’s nothing foul happening. By any chance did you guys see this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDOdp3ZhAk0&feature=player_embedded# I’m going to wait until January when he goes to court for this before I make a decision. He looks tired and maybe a little high, but I still can’t see where he MAY have done something wrong right now. Yo, Katt!!! I’m cuttin’ for you brutha…

    P.S. Minista… I totally forgot I owe you a foot pic… :(. I’m going to search and see what I already have, otherwise, I’ll be sending you a brand new pic of my feet just after turkey day.

    • minista Said:

      Uh huh…promises promises

      • yoy50 Said:

        hahaha! surprise muthafuka (I do say that with luv!) check ur mail…

        did you look at that youtube yet? seems he did get arrested again, DAMMIT SON! i sure hope something is off and not him— he will be just like that scene in Fridays because he’s way too little for prison!!! hahahaha

  9. yeahisaiditworld Said:


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