Thats just Wrong…funny…but wrong

How do I know you’re an overly emotional douchebag?… because you do shit like this…

Comcast subscribers were in a for a pleasant (?) surprise when tuning into “Rock of Love” recently. An apparently bitter employee used the program’s info as an outlet for his built-up resentment toward an ex-girlfriend. (HuffPo)

Tell em why you mad son!!!….  Really dude? Is it that serious? I guess it is. Now wouldn’t it suck all ass if this bitch subscribes to Dish Network?


  1. Wilfredo Said:

    This raises a lot of questions: was he an employee of Comcast? Did he have connections there? Did he bribe someone? Did he get fired after he wrote that? Why that particular arrangement of words?
    This was a petty, classless thing to do, but at least the woman’s name wasn’t mentioned.

  2. ulovejay Said:

    So many questions @wil, just laugh.

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