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Woman found “not living” under 8 feet of trash

dirty ass crib

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) <you surprised? – Authorities have found the body of a 71-year-old woman after wading through a Jacksonville, Florida home filled with garbage piled eight feet high.

The Florida Times-Union reports that officers were checking on Carina E. Decampo late Tuesday, after worried family members called to say they hadn’t heard from her in weeks.

They were met with what police called “unbelievable squalor” and a stench that made officers ill.

After trying to search for about 20 minutes, they had to call in help.

The fire department arrived, using breathing gear and search dogs to find Decampo.  No cause of death was immediately released.

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“No cause of death was immediately released”…shiiiiid I got a pretty good goddamn idea. “squalor”…I blame can’t even blame the old lady,who at 71 years old, I’m sure suffered from dementia.I blame her family for letting her live alone in that mess. They need their ass’ whipped with a bag of dead cats. 8 feet?!? 8 motherfuckin feet of trash and garbage?

*reminds me of the time*… I dated this one chick and she asked me to go to the basement to light her water heater . This trifling slack jawed fuckin troll’s basement was soo dirty she had mushrooms…yes fuckin mushrooms growing out of the collection of clothes and assorted bullshit on the floor.Stanley and I really dodged the bullet on that one…. But um..yeah…these people need their ass beat.

Transtesticle makes husband exercise to death.

Death by Exercise

CHARDON, Ohio – A transgender woman was sentenced Friday to four years in prison for killing her frail husband by forcing him to exercise.

Chris Mason, 41, was sentenced in Geauga County Common Pleas Court for reckless homicide in the death of 73-year-old James Mason. She pleaded guilty earlier and could have gotten five years at sentencing.

Mason’s voice quivered as she tearfully apologized for the June death of her husband, who had heart problems. A surveillance camera caught Mason forcing her husband around in the pool.

Chris Mason also goes by Christine Newton-John, the name she took after her 1993 sex change… FULL STORY

So basically this transtesticle forced her old ass husband to go swimming knowing he had a weak ass heart. I’m sure he/she/they had a big ass insurance policy on the old coot and could’nt wait for him to break a hip or some shit, or maybe have a massive coronary when he finds out u used to have a pickle. Noooo you wanna exercise the old bastard to death…shame on you transtesticle…SHAME on you.