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Dial 911 for sex?

I was supposed to post this a looooooong time ago But then i got high   so pardon me if the subject matter is a bit dated.

TAMPA, Fla. – Florida police say a man arrested for repeatedly calling 911 looking for sex claimed it was the only number he could dial after running out of cell phone minutes.

Tampa police said 29-year-old Joshua Basso made sexual comments to the 911 dispatcher and asked if he could come to her house. Investigators say she hung up, but he called back four more times. <<< Full story >>>

I love her even more now….

A.M. Caffeine

The shooting death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin occurred February 26th, but his story has been dominating headlines for the past week, catching the attention of political figures and celebrities alike.  Irish singer Sinead O’Connor took to her blog to passionately speak out about the teenager’s untimely death. No U Ain’t Radio definitely respects Sinead for “tellin it like it is…not like it was.”

Read O’Connor’s open letter from her website and let us know what you think:

22.03.12 Treyvon Martin

I would like to extend my very deepest sympathies to the family and other loved ones of murdered teenager, Treyvon Martin. I am very sad today (and am certain the whole of Ireland is) to learn of poor Treyvon’s terrifying ordeal and horrified by the fact his known and named and admitted killer has not been arrested, despite the crime having taken place a month ago. This is a…

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How Biggie and Puffy killed hip-hop

Real Hip-Hop will be missed

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.

Hip-Hop isn’t dead..but it’s dying… I think it caught A.I.D.S. from unprotected sex with B.I.G. and Puffy….

I know the title of this post sounds a bit like blasphemy but let me explain. I would first like to note that Notorious B.I.G. is/was one of the best who’s ever played the “rap game”…easily on most everyone’s TOP 5. I can remember back when I first heard his voice on Heavy D and the Boys – “a bunch of niggas” …I knew then that whoever that dude was…he was gonna do BIG things.

We Miss You B.I.G.

In 1992 when B.I.G. followed Sean “puffy” Combs from uptown to the newly created Bad Boy Records… I waited patiently to see what would happen. What I saw I didn’t realize at the time was the beginning of the end for what I love about hip-hop. Don’t get me wrong,it had NOTHING to do with B.I.G.’s ability as a lyricist ,not even. It has everything to do with the direction they ( B.I.G. and Puffy) but mostly Puffy, took hip-hop in. Let me explain…Up until that point..Hip -hop has pretty much been about lyrical content,what you had to say FAR outweighed what you actually had. Most artist were hungry ESPECIALLY west coast artists who at the moment just before B.I.G.’s rise OWNED hip-hop,why? In my opinion its because hip-hop was still “fresh” and “new” on the west coast…and THEY were hungry. Then along came B.I.G. with ‘ready to Die” to single handedly wrest hip-hop from the jherri curl soaked mitts of the west coast and essentially brought hip-hop back home and in the process he simultaneously put BAD BOY records on the map,made Puffy look like a genius,and started hip-hop on a road to ruin. How u say. 2 words… Music videos. I believe it was video content that was the catalyst to the tsunami of shitty rap music we’re being drowned in today, because maybe i’m wrong but it seems that those bad Boy videos with the yachts and helicopters and stretch lexus’s  raised the bar visually..but lowered the bar lyrically.It became not so much what you had to say..but how you looked saying it. Frankly put..THIS was the precursor to the “bling bling” era of hip-hop..and NOBODY disputes that ruined the beauty that is/was lyrical content. Coincidently this video by notorious B.I.G. actually kinda chronicles what I mean.. the visuals went from hungry and humble to boisterous and ostentatious, see for yourself….

Let me say this again I LOVE B.I.G. What I don’t love is how his hunger to be “great” at any cost allowed him, as some may,to be used as a pawn in Puffy’s ultimate game of conquest. Before B.I.G. was murdered it was true  rumored he himself wanted to distance himself from Puffy and Bad Boy. Was this the reason he was murdered? That’s a completely different story. I’m sure there will be some people who violently disagree with me and to that I leave to you a quote from BIG himself…” fuck all you hoes…get a grip” nah..but seriously tho…what are your thoughts?

Ex- coach posed as girl to get naked pics of lil boys on FaceBook.

Message for Mr.Micheal  T.Cowley…..
Sooooo…apparently there are pervs on….


A former Johnson County coach pleaded guilty today to one count of producing child pornography.

Michael T. Cowley, a 38-year-old Shawnee man, admitted that he posed as a 19-year-old girl named “Ashley” on Facebook and traded a photo of a naked girl that he found on the Internet to young boys in exchange for nude photos of the boys. Oh, and he tried to convince them to engage “in sexual activities,” too.

Prosecutors say Cowley was an employee of the Olathe School District, teaching a computer class at Brentwood Elementary School in Overland Park. He also coached boys’ baseball and basketball teams and drove a bus for the California Trail Junior High in Olathe.

Cowley also worked at the Jewish Community Center, directing a summer sports camp for first through sixth graders (boys and girls).

In February, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that a 13-year-old boy in Battle Ground, Washington, had traded nude photos with a Facebook user who claimed to be a 19-year-old girl named “Ashley” in Overland Park, Kansas. A total of 11 children reported to police that they received nude photos of “Ashley” — and seven boys told police that they sent nude photos of themselves to “Ashley.”

Prosecutors say “Ashley” had 696 friends on Facebook, and among them were children from sports teams coached by Cowley. Investigators traced the account back to Cowley through Internet accounts. A search of Cowley’s home turned up nude photos of boys and girls as well as photos of minors engaged in sexual acts.

Cowley’s sentencing is scheduled for January 11, 2010. He faces between 15 and 30 years in federal prison. ::: SOURCE:::

This gets a galactic …WHAT THEEE FUCK!?!?
As the parent of a 9 yr old boy,do I have to tell you how just reading this makes me taste blood? If he wasn’t already in jail I would be tempted to hop a plane to Johnson County Washington and kick some major ass…I mean foot to ass all the way to the thigh bone. I’m talkin HIS breath smelling like MY Timberlands’. Every time he burps,I want it to be blood and shoe leather. You wanna know what really grinds my gears? There were some people who either justify this assholes behavior OR thought the authorities were…wait for it…..OVER reacting…. peep this……….

Pornographiliac says: < look at his name! He can’t be serious.

Gimmie a break! Was there really a crime committed here? Was anyone harmed? The answer to both of those questions is “No” and law enforcement should be ashamed for wasting our tax dollars on this silliness. This guy didn’t take these pictures or force anyone to send them to him. He tricked them into sending pics, but was anyone harmed? If “19 year-old Ashley” was a real person would she be prosecuted this severely? I doubt it, so why bother prosecuting this guy?  <<This guy is really gunning for douchebag of the fuckin year…That is of course if this simple-minded heartless son of a bitch dies or suddenly gets a clue….

typical overreaction says:

Typical overreaction. People have been impersonating other genders online for over a decade. It’s not that big a deal and CERTAINLY NOT worth jailing someone for 15-30 years. Um, current rate for housing a prisoner is $30K per year, so taxpayers are going to pay between $450,000 and $1,000,000 to punish someone for receiving photos of boys? WTF? What about all of the other people that the boys probably also sent photos to? Jail them to. c’mon… < I’d like to be the first to volunteer to kick this monkey in the nuts.

DAD kidnaps man accused of killing his daughter

And this weeks “Bad Mother Fuckeraward goes to…Andre ‘ Bamberski

(Newser) – A French man has been arrested after the German convicted of killing his daughter was found bound, gagged, and dumped in front of a French courthouse. Cardiologist Dieter Krombach was found guilty in absentia by a French court for killing 14-year-old Kalinka Bamberski in 1982, but German authorities refused to hand him over because a court there ruled the cause of the girl’s death was unknown.

The girl’s father, André Bamberski, had long campaigned for Krombach’s extradition, claiming the physician injected his daughter with a toxic substance in an attempt to rape her. Krombach was later convicted of sexually assaulting another female patient and barred from practicing medicine. Bamberski has been released on bail while authorities investigate the kidnapping, while Krombach remains in French custody and is likely to face a new trial.

Rob Quin :::: source::::

Can i just go on the record as saying “he’s a better man then me”? No doubt given the chance I would have Kilt (thats right KILT) Krombachs ass. Who needs rope and  police when you have duct tape and  pitbull? Lord knows They would be charging the shit outta me for slicing and dicing that monkey motherfucker and mailing his ass all over the world. When Fedex and UPS have to be called in to help put a motherfucker back together, you know a motherfucker pissed me off to the highest of PISStivity. What would you do?

Not a douche bag? There’s an app for that.

Dear iPhone and Blackberry owners do us a favor and ….

douche bag class picture Sincerely,

The rest of us.

What the fuck is it about in iphone or a blackberry that makes it’s users such fuckin douche bags? I can’t go one day without some ass hat going on and on about his precious iphone or doucheberryHey,Fuckhead…it’s a phone. Some of you who own one (God forbid both) of these phones may be saying to yourself  “hey I have a _______ but I’m not a douche bag” Trust me my vinegar and watery friend,you’re a fucking douche bag. For example; If you’ve ever referred to your phone as anything other then a phone ie; “ I left my iphone/blackberry in the house” ..Bitch!…it’s a phone..and you’re a douche. Ask an iphone owner why they have an iphone and most will say ..”dude,look at all the apps”…fuck your many grown ass men you know walk around making their cellphone make fart noises? me either..but there’s an app for that. Ever felt the need to just zip and unzip shit like some fuckin idiot with OCD? Most normal people don’t..but guess what ?  There’s an app for that. The thing I hate about thses phone is their “cultish” following…like each Blackberry or iphone comes with a purple pack of cyanide laced Kool-aid. “Apple products are sooo reliable” they say. Really? Reliable you say? Like that 45 min battery life? yeah that’s some reliable shit. Or reliability like… that motherfucker blowing up on you when you charge it? The only thing you can rely on is…a house fire,and you becoming a douche bag. There are more then ten pages of “iphone fix” topics on Google..That’s pretty reliable. And..does someone wanna explain to me why the user agreement for the iphone is 156 pages long? has anyone ever read the whole thing? probably not because I’m sure somewhere in there it states by using said device you sell your soul to Steve jobs and you relinquish your right to NOT be a douche.

Iphone accesories

Iphone accesories

What I absolutely hate about Blackberry is the sheer unnecessary complexity of it all. Most Blackberry owners use their phones for 2 things…Phone calls and BBM (Blackberry Mobile) BBM by the way is about as douche as you can get as far as phones are concerned…you really need your own special messenging service through a Blackberry server? Didn’t think so…fuck you . I hope you lose your phone…I mean Blackberry. With that being said…I leave you with this Gem… Douche Bags.

“I’m the dummy who robbed you house,can I have my wallet back?”


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Losing his wallet was a would-be robber’s mistake. Trying to get it back was an even bigger blunder.

Police in Little Rock, Ark., report 23-year-old Courvoisier Marteze Riley dropped his wallet during an attempted robbery at a home.

While police were interviewing the victim, authorities say Riley called wanting to get his wallet returned. Officers say Riley told the victim to bring the wallet to a service station.

Of course, that’s where officers found the suspect. Police say Riley tried to run, but was caught after a short chase. < source >

Never mind the sad fact that we know his mothers’ alcoholic beverage of choice AND the fact she was stupid enough to name him after it…hell that’s nothing new …Alize anyone? Somebody needs to do a survey or some shit because he HAS to be the dumbest ass in captivity!

Anybody wanna ride with me to Arkansas to give this dumb sumbitch the beating he deserves? A motherfucker that stupid DOES NOT need to be free, just put his dumb ass in a room with crayons and Bet..and give his simpleminded ass all the “red” Kool-aid he can drink. I wish a motherfucker would rob my house,drop his wallet..and have the GIGANTIC balls to call my fuckin house and ask ME? to bring me his shit? Obama could be having a press conference announcing a permanent middle east peace agreement and they would interrupt ole boy just to tell the world what I did to this dumb as dog shit,turd blossom of a mental midget.

The first thing I would do is thank the Lord baby Jesus for the good fortune of allowing me the opportunity and honor to exact vengeance in his name,on this asshole using the divine instrument of my foot. I would whip that niggas ass till my back hurt..the return that shit for brains having son of a bitch his wallet (minus any money he may have had) AND I would have refused to press charges. That ass whipping would definitely be punishment enough…trust me

Bernie Madoff kicks a lil ass in prison


Remember “Too Sweet”? ….kick ass in prison right? Now..Remember Bernie Madoff? greedy rich white dude convicted of stealing money from other rich white people.. Don’t you dare confuse the two… That being said….I damn near shit myself laughing when I read this story…..


Bernie “The Bruiser” Madoff got into a prison-yard tussle with a fellow inmate over — of all things — the stock market, eyewitnesses told The Post.

And, by inmates’ accounts, the 71-year-old Ponzi schemer came out the winner.

Madoff, serving 150 years at the Butner, NC, federal prison, was heard last week getting into a heated debate over the state of the market with another senior-citizen jailbird.

The shouting match got so heated that the inmate pushed Madoff, who shoved back harder with both hands, causing his attacker to stumble.

As the attacker tried to stand up straight, Madoff hovered over him red-faced and glaring, eyewitnesses said.

.The stunned attacker went chicken and took off — allowing Madoff to collect some “cred” among his fellow prisoners.

“I didn’t think Bernie had it in him. He got the best of him; he was really aggressive, and the other guy was in shock that he fought back,” an inmate said.

The shoving match occurred near a ball field at the lockup in front of about 20 inmates during a rare time when prison guards weren’t watching.

An inmate said the two got lucky because if guards had seen the fight, Madoff and his pushing partner “would have went in the ‘hole,’ ” solitary confinement.

The next day, Madoff and his attacker, described by inmates as a white male over 60 years old, made up and were spotted hanging out together.

Prisoners interviewed by The Post said this was the first known physical altercation at the slammer for Madoff — who paid a consultant for a crash course in prison culture and survival tips before he was locked up. <Looks like it worked….

Seriously…I would have paid like $3 to see that shit!  2 old dudes scraping in the motherfuckin jail yard son?!? That is waaaaay beyond classic…thats like 3 miles from legendary!! You know old dude felt a certain type of way about Madofff any way…and he let his emotions act without the benefit of intellect..he wrote some checks that his bad hip couldn’t cash, he bit off more then he could chew (with his dentures)…ok ..I’ll stop.

Splish Splash…You’re going to jail

douchey splash

A motorist filmed deliberately driving through a puddle and splashing children at a bus stop in Devon faces prosecution for inconsiderate driving.

Police received complaints after the 30-second clip, which includes an excited commentary from the passenger, was posted on YouTube.

The clip was shot inside a car being driven down Weston Mill Hill, Plymouth. It has since been removed from YouTube.

Police said the driver had voluntarily contacted them and may be prosecuted.

The Road Traffic Act contains an offence of “careless, and inconsiderate, driving” and, according to Crown Prosecution Service policy, that could include driving through a puddle to splash bystanders. { SOURCE }

Thats pretty fucked up and my first thought (about the driver) when I read this was…..


But this is how METRO UK reported it….

A wet, wet, wet summer has spawned a new craze – urban wave dodging.

Forming a huddle round a puddle and enticing drivers to spray them by driving through at speed, youngsters have brought the theme park log flume to their local street.

The water sport is at least taking some of the pain from all this rain for the bored youngsters. And the drivers seem to get some enjoyment out of it too.

One motorist in our pictures can clearly be seen laughing as the water drenches four boys on the A68 in Darlington.

Clearly there are 2 sides to this story and depending on how far the stick is up your ass will determine which of these views you support. Don’t get me wrong I completely overstand the dangers of kids standing on the curb waiting for cars to speed by a puddle. However for those of us who have lived in the inner city…with very little to do,you tend to find things to make the day go by. Considering what kids could be doing,waiting to be splashed by a puddle is pretty much ….tame. Hell..when me and my bredren were younger…we used to put whole raw eggs in our snowballs,and wait at the bus stop and unload on the driver when that poor unsuspecting sonuvabitch opened the door. Illegal?..most likely, Fun?ABSO-fuckin-LUTELY! I mean..we’ve all done some shit when we were younger that wasn’t exactly “safe” and sometimes “responsible” adults took part in our fuckery if for no other reason then to give some adult supervision to our SHITnanigans.(which is probably why I lived to tell about it later) But no grown-ups EVER got arrested.

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