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Outfoxed and Fucked up!

White folks shit…?!?

Women can’t live with em..but u can cook em!

Crazy ass sumbitch in Texas so love struck and pussy whipped this fool decided if he can’t be with his ex..nobody can. So what does he do? Well according to authorities he cooked her. Yup, thats right..he chopped her up and grilled her like bitch steaks or hoe burgers or whatever caraaazy ass niggas eat @ bar B Q’s.

“Shepherd could face life in prison if convicted of killing his former girlfriend, Tynesha Stewart. Investigators believe Shepherd choked the Texas A&M engineering major to death, dismembered her body and burned her remains on two barbecue pits on the patio of his apartment over the course of two days…more.


I’m not big on Anarchists and I most certainly wouldn’t condone anything those simple minded volatile fuckers would do HOWEVER..This is some Gangsta/honorable shit…and I have no choice but to applaude them. {source}. I love the fact they were smart enough to take non-perishables. These dudes are fuckin awesome and I hope the message gets across before they all end up in prison.

HARRY POTTER eat ur heart out!!

So yeah apparently our friends @ the U.S. Gubernant have been busy these days. Curing H.I.V./A.I.D.S.? No..Cancer? not even close. Seems like all those things aren’t nearly as pressing an isSue as VISIBILITY. yeah I said It..but they meant it. Scientists in conjuction with the U.S. govt are about this (holds to fingers lightly apart)close to developing a real live hargwarts school of bitchery and bitchcraft Ron weasley ass invisiblity cloak.!! yeah read it again bitches…it gets funnier the second time around. INVISIBLITY CLOAK!!!

Story here..

So this basically means it won’t be long before the men in black jump out their cars and put on their Govt issue batman cape rid the world of terrorists. yay!!! …*silence* …Boooooo!!! this is some ole bullshit realize the first chance they get they gonna be in ur fuckin house checkin your mail and planting evidence to make you look like u butt fuck muslim goats on top of an american flag while reciting verses from the Bible ,The koran, and a bootleg copy of The Kebra negast.

So what would you do with the power of invisiblity? I have some pretty fucked up ideas.

Fat kids need anger management.

Wtf is it with pudgy kids needing ass whippings and anger management? Along comes this pudgy michelin man in training pimp slapping the spit out of his mothers mouth. We’ve seen this shit time after time (not in the black community of course) Poor lil hapless white woman with an unruly ass who never got the ass whipping they deserved. And this thick marshmellowy fuck biscuit did this shit on national T.V.!!! Maaaan ask me not how bad I would have fucked him up? but how long would his fat ass be snoring in a coma.


OK..This is a funny story from down under…

article here..

Constable Wayne Burnett said he was “shocked and appalled” when he pulled over an unregistered vehicle in the town of ALICE SPRINGS. He said he observed two(2) big ass grownups buckled in the back seat with a 30 count case of beer buckled in the seatbelt between them. So far so good no serious crime committed (yet).However, after a more thorough examination of the backseat he found out what we’ve known all along AUSSIES AREN’T THAT BRIGHT!. This simple minded mofo (the driver) had himself buckled in..had his passengers buckled in…even had his beer buckled in.but guess who wasn’t buckled in?….wait for it …wait for it..his 5 yr old kid !!! The 5 yr old was forced to ride on the floor of the backseat so that the beer could be safe.?!?! Unfuckin believable. HEY JACKASS..NICE PARENTING!!!!

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