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Penis-less Orgasm…Pure selfishness


EVEN in a culture in which sex toys are a booming business and Oprah Winfrey discusses living your best life in the bedroom, a coed live-in commune dedicated to the female orgasm hovers at the extremes.

The founder of the One Taste Urban Retreat Center, Nicole Daedone, sees herself as leading “the slow-sex movement,” one that places a near-exclusive emphasis on women’s pleasure — in which love, romance and even flirtation are not required.

“In our culture, admitting our bodies matter is almost an admission of failure,” said Ms. Daedone, 41, who can quote the poet Mary Oliver and speak wryly on the intricacies of women’s anatomy with equal aplomb. “I don’t think women will really experience freedom until they own their sexuality.”

A core of 38 men and women — their average age the late 20s — live full time in the retreat center, a shabby-chic loft building in the South of Market district. They prepare meals together, practice yoga and mindfulness meditation and lead workshops in communication for outside groups as large as 60.

But the heart of the group’s activity, listed cryptically on its Web site’s calendar as “morning practice,” is closed to all but the residents.

At 7 a.m. each day, as the rest of America is eating Cheerios or trying to face gridlock without hyperventilating, about a dozen women, naked from the waist down, lie with eyes closed in a velvet-curtained room, while clothed men huddle over them, stroking them in a ritual known as orgasmic meditation — “OMing,” for short. The couples, who may or may not be romantically involved, call one another “research partners.” FULL STORY HERE

Soo..lemme get this shit straight…U got a bunch of dudes standing around feeding grapes and shit to a bunch of horny pre and post-orgasmic birds,and the dudes can’t bang out nan nuthin? really? seriously? I wanna meet the selfish bird who even conceptualized this abomination of all things JIBTASTIC. She is one hell of a salesman to convince  some dudes to ride on that crazy train. I mean what did she say to the dipshits? ” Hey sexy..wanna join my sexual commune? It’s chock full of hot chicks who spend their days achieving orgasm. one catch have to keep your clothes one and never physically touch any of them.” This bitch is bout crazy as cat shit. U mean I can’t even drop a dollar in her toga bitch? Oh the Humanity!!