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Just cuz I don’t like u doesn’t mean I’m hating!

Ok..wanna know one of about a million pet peeves I have? When people misuse or over use the term “HATER”. It seems nowadays U can’t disagree with a mofo or dislike a niggas shit without being branded a “HATER”. Dude U ever think that maybe ur music really sucks homeless fat guy ass? Just cuz u have a beat machine in ur mothers basement doesnt make u a producer. Having Crutchfield catalogs delivered to your mothers house addressed to blood money records inc. doesn’t really mean u have a record label. No..seriously. If I tell u ur baby momma look like she lost bet with jesus..I’m not hatin..the bitch just ugly!! It seems like whenever you call a nigga out on his shit …UR THE HATER.  I was talking to a friend the other day the conversation went as follows…

Me: Yo whuddup my u been all weekend?

Dumbass: Yooo I was chillin with my married shorty.

Me: Nigga her husband gonna come home one day and put one in ur ass.

Dumbass: Maaan fuck that gump..He aint gon do shit.

Me: but nigga u fuckin his wife.

Dumbass:aww nigga u just hatin.

Me:*blank stare*

Me: (after like 2 mins of just blank staring @ this dumb nigga) Dude u fuckin am I a Hater?

In order to be a true hater there has to be atleast some degree of underlying jealousy,and seriously dude I don’t have shit to be jealous about because A) u live with your mother. B) ur bangin a married chick and proud of it. C) aforementioned married chick looks like a bonafide mud muffin. and finally D) NIGGA U LIVE WITH UR MOTHER! So tell me again what makes me a hater?

Dumbass: nah nigga u just a hater. *walks away*

Needless to say …I haven’t heard from him since.