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Monkey Brawl!!

kung fu monkey

This shit right here…is exactly why Niggas ain’t shit,ain’t never gonna be shit,and ain’t never gonna have shit!!

Just look at these simple minded savages fighting in a hospital like some fuckin Vikings and shit. Its like somebody started a mosh pit in the Monkey cage at the zoo. A pure unadulterated example of poverty and ignorance induced niggardom. Peep ole boy in the black and white stripped polo shirt and his ole limp wrist’d ass, just running to and fro punching random chicks n shyt. Somebody needs to tie his pickle hugging ass to a lamp post and beat him with a sock full of quarters and broken glass. You got chicken heads gettin tossed around like its dinner time at the Perdue household. Kool-aid man was in a wrestling/hugging/humping match with bruh man from the 5th(hold up 4 fingers) flo. Its just a goddamn mess. Did I mention all this shit took place in a fuckin Hospital? Not that it mattered because above all else,through all that ballin n brawlin…one thing is truly clear..these muhfuckas can’t fight for shit!

When monkey’s go to the ball…

I guess you darkies will never fuckin learn. Guess you simple minded sons of bitches never been to sites like Ohellnawl or HotGhettomess or hell,even mine. Guess not. But if you silly sons of bitches want to continue to dress up like monkeys in clown suits,I will continue to showcase your coonery . Prom night in the ghetto is living proof , the white man shoulda never gave u niggas money..

case point…


This is nothing but an over dressed jail flick.Speaking of jailbirds I wonder what kind of bird is left bald and shivering in the cold after this bitches dress was made…

dead bird u have to take the whole “ghetto bird” concept literally? I would hate to have to clean up after this bird takes a dump. If you need a sponge u can use this dumb bitches dress…

spongebob dumb bitch

Ready kids? Ooooh..who lives in a rowhouse no where near the sea? Sponge Bob Dumb bitch!!!

And look at the Ghetto ass super HOEro…

super hoero

Her super power is having seven baby daddys and the ability to fuck up your credit.

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                           Today I tried out for “swan lake”, didn’t do too well.:O(…

ghetto ballerina


Why does it look like her ass is on her chest?…

dumb ass titties


Overdressed much?


Not really sure where these 2 over dressed bitches thought they were going.

Last and probably the least…(cultured),introducing: The Family Fuck-ups,Daddy Fuckup,Momma Fuckup,and Future Fuckup….

commietted to bad decisionsNeedless to say,with parents like that,he’s doomed.                            Side note* looking at the pic..that may not be his real daddy.