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HARRY POTTER eat ur heart out!!

So yeah apparently our friends @ the U.S. Gubernant have been busy these days. Curing H.I.V./A.I.D.S.? No..Cancer? not even close. Seems like all those things aren’t nearly as pressing an isSue as VISIBILITY. yeah I said It..but they meant it. Scientists in conjuction with the U.S. govt are about this (holds to fingers lightly apart)close to developing a real live hargwarts school of bitchery and bitchcraft Ron weasley ass invisiblity cloak.!! yeah read it again bitches…it gets funnier the second time around. INVISIBLITY CLOAK!!!

Story here..

So this basically means it won’t be long before the men in black jump out their cars and put on their Govt issue batman cape rid the world of terrorists. yay!!! …*silence* …Boooooo!!! this is some ole bullshit realize the first chance they get they gonna be in ur fuckin house checkin your mail and planting evidence to make you look like u butt fuck muslim goats on top of an american flag while reciting verses from the Bible ,The koran, and a bootleg copy of The Kebra negast.

So what would you do with the power of invisiblity? I have some pretty fucked up ideas.