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No skin flicks @ the University


COLLEGE PARK, Md. – A controversial XXX-rated porn film set to be screened at the University of Maryland this weekend is off the table. This after State Senator Andy Harris (R) Baltimore County threatened to pull state funding unless the school backed down.

The university canceled the showing saying it had hoped to engage students in a dialogue about pornography and making choices. Harris then pulled the amendment. Still the university says it hopes to revisit the issue just in a different way.

The film’s distribution company is offering the $10 million flick to schools across the country for free. SOURCE



I’m not big on Anarchists and I most certainly wouldn’t condone anything those simple minded volatile fuckers would do HOWEVER..This is some Gangsta/honorable shit…and I have no choice but to applaude them. {source}. I love the fact they were smart enough to take non-perishables. These dudes are fuckin awesome and I hope the message gets across before they all end up in prison.