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Bernie Madoff kicks a lil ass in prison


Remember “Too Sweet”? ….kick ass in prison right? Now..Remember Bernie Madoff? greedy rich white dude convicted of stealing money from other rich white people.. Don’t you dare confuse the two… That being said….I damn near shit myself laughing when I read this story…..


Bernie “The Bruiser” Madoff got into a prison-yard tussle with a fellow inmate over — of all things — the stock market, eyewitnesses told The Post.

And, by inmates’ accounts, the 71-year-old Ponzi schemer came out the winner.

Madoff, serving 150 years at the Butner, NC, federal prison, was heard last week getting into a heated debate over the state of the market with another senior-citizen jailbird.

The shouting match got so heated that the inmate pushed Madoff, who shoved back harder with both hands, causing his attacker to stumble.

As the attacker tried to stand up straight, Madoff hovered over him red-faced and glaring, eyewitnesses said.

.The stunned attacker went chicken and took off — allowing Madoff to collect some “cred” among his fellow prisoners.

“I didn’t think Bernie had it in him. He got the best of him; he was really aggressive, and the other guy was in shock that he fought back,” an inmate said.

The shoving match occurred near a ball field at the lockup in front of about 20 inmates during a rare time when prison guards weren’t watching.

An inmate said the two got lucky because if guards had seen the fight, Madoff and his pushing partner “would have went in the ‘hole,’ ” solitary confinement.

The next day, Madoff and his attacker, described by inmates as a white male over 60 years old, made up and were spotted hanging out together.

Prisoners interviewed by The Post said this was the first known physical altercation at the slammer for Madoff — who paid a consultant for a crash course in prison culture and survival tips before he was locked up. <Looks like it worked….

Seriously…I would have paid like $3 to see that shit!  2 old dudes scraping in the motherfuckin jail yard son?!? That is waaaaay beyond classic…thats like 3 miles from legendary!! You know old dude felt a certain type of way about Madofff any way…and he let his emotions act without the benefit of intellect..he wrote some checks that his bad hip couldn’t cash, he bit off more then he could chew (with his dentures)…ok ..I’ll stop.

Houston ur ass has a problem?

Your boy RnB singer HOUSTON finally broke his silence about the eye gouging incident. To be honest from this clip it seems he may wanna “come clean” about some other things. I suspect that nigga was passed around more then the hors d’vores tray @ chubby chasers convention.Aside from the fact the nigga looks waaaaay cracked out..that nigga look shook to be damned. Like somebody put the fear of God in his ass…and when i say”fear” i mean dirty jail ding dong and by “God” i mean his big burly bunk buddy named Roscoe. This rehabilitated fuck doll went form gay as Rnb singer type dude…to launching a campaign to stop sodomy in prison…thats right bitches u heard me…STOP SODOMY IN PRISONS!! LMAO!..Um yeah uh HOUSTON we got a muhfuckin problem..Say it aint so homey. Them nigga’s reconstructed your bootyhole to the point you feel like you’re forced to change prison culture.? Them dudes musta fucked u hollow homie. Sucks to be you. It’s funny watchin the interview tho..cuz the nigga tried his damndest to come off as hard as he possibly could, fully knowing he needs to keep a cork in his ass to keep from shittin himself. But leakage has not been kind to poor Houston.