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Houston ur ass has a problem?

Your boy RnB singer HOUSTON finally broke his silence about the eye gouging incident. To be honest from this clip it seems he may wanna “come clean” about some other things. I suspect that nigga was passed around more then the hors d’vores tray @ chubby chasers convention.Aside from the fact the nigga looks waaaaay cracked out..that nigga look shook to be damned. Like somebody put the fear of God in his ass…and when i say”fear” i mean dirty jail ding dong and by “God” i mean his big burly bunk buddy named Roscoe. This rehabilitated fuck doll went form gay as Rnb singer type dude…to launching a campaign to stop sodomy in prison…thats right bitches u heard me…STOP SODOMY IN PRISONS!! LMAO!..Um yeah uh HOUSTON we got a muhfuckin problem..Say it aint so homey. Them nigga’s reconstructed your bootyhole to the point you feel like you’re forced to change prison culture.? Them dudes musta fucked u hollow homie. Sucks to be you. It’s funny watchin the interview tho..cuz the nigga tried his damndest to come off as hard as he possibly could, fully knowing he needs to keep a cork in his ass to keep from shittin himself. But leakage has not been kind to poor Houston.