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ET…can u hear me now?

There was a book I read a few years ago entitled Rule by Secrecy. One of the chapters in the book told the ancient Mesopotamian legend of the 3 siblings ENKI, ENLIL,and NINHURSAG. To sum things up these three were the children of the God ANU,sent to Earth to mine the planet for gold use to repair the hole in the planet Nebiru’s ozone layer. (intersting side note..our own scientists have concluded the best way to repair our own ozone layer is to somehow suspend colloidal gold in the ozone layer). Before coming to earth they created a way station on Mars. Upon arriving to Earth one brother mined in whats is now the middle east and the other brother mined in Africa. Ninharsag the sister who was also the chief medical officer over saw the genetic experiments. They realized by mixing their DNA with the DNA of homo-erectus they could develope a humanoid slave race. Supposedly they were first asexual but then with more genetic manipulation they decided to give them opposing reproductive organs so that they could basically regenerate themselves thus eliminating the need for more genetic reproduction. The Anunaki (alien race) men were attracted to the humanoid women. (nasty bastards) and began to procreate with them also. It was THAT offspring that began to revolt causing Enki to appeal to his father ANU to wipe out the slave stock with a deluge(flood) so they could start over. Enlil having overheard the plan..went to his favorite “humanoid” and let him “accidentally” overhear of ANU’s plan and how “a smart man would build a vessel to protect he and his family and to take aboard the DNA of every male and female species he should find” .sounds familiar? The rest of the story is quite compelling. What makes it interesting for me is the story is over 6,000 years old. EVERY ancient culture speaks of Gods arriving from the skies on some kind of chariot of fire (space ships?). The Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh is full of stories of people being carried upwards to ‘the gardens of the Gods”. The Anunaki story leaves room for the theories of evolution and “intelligent design”. So could it be we’re all right? We were created ..but then evolved. makes sense to me. Pretty interesting how they call the area around Iran and Iraq the cradle of civilization.


Ole Harpo is being accused of denying Jesus.? Ask some Christian religious fanatics and they’ll say “YES!”

According to an article on THE DRUDGE REPORT some religious groups are accusing Oprah of pushing a false religion and going so far as to denying Christ. According to one article these wack job close minded bible thumpers site the  philosophies of Oprahs “spiritual superstar” Eckhart Tolle who has made the assertion that “all religions are equally right and equally wrong, depending on how you use them”.Now I don’t know about you but that shits makes a lot of fawkin sense to me. ::shrugs::<<heres the link to the article.

I’m not a big Oprah fan, But does it really matter what she believes? Doesn’t the deed make the person? I know religion is a very tricky topic to discuss, but I think if we all agree that its not about right or wrong but about expressing a view, it can be discussed intelligently and respectfully.  We all have our views(hell ask anyone who knows me they’ll tell u I start religion argument just to liven a party) check out the article and tell me what you think…your religious views aside…How much of what he says makes sense to you?