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Whats right with this picture?

Happy Monday Bitches!! lets play a game called Whats RIGHT with this picture.


Only thing I have to say is Kudos to the manufacturers of that obviously strong ass armchair…must be samsonite. My question is…who gonna clean that shit off when this whale of a heffa gets up? You know that shit gonna smell like last weeks bacon and leftover cabbage. Blech!

In a Church van…

The good folks over @ohellnawl have once again inspired me.
In a blog dedicated to confessing past deeds to your mother for mothers day,one thing led to another and it quickly became loaded with comments about sex and dry humpin and gettin finger fucked while momma was driving and they were in the back seat.smh..skanks..but um..yeah.But that got me to thinking about some things.Namely.::I wonder where is the strangest place some of my friends and associates have had sex in?:: Personally I’ve done “it” in some interesting places..A grocery store parking lot, a vacant house,philadelphia cheesesteaks,and A CHURCH VAN,BEHIND THE CHURCH,DURING SERVICE..while me and the girl in question were supposed to be stapling the church newsletter..::shrugs:: I’m thinking I have a pretty sordid collection of friends so this topic should make for some interesting convo.