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Thank God They were on solid ground!


I CAN’T say shit. U caption it.

Sure this isn’t for Micheal Steele?


Ok..So one of my best friends’ family owns a pretty big (black owned) printing company.Occasionally he comes across examples of sheer niggerdom and absolute fuckery. For instance..this bullshit right here…..

The actual email as it was sent to me:

I’m working on this funeral program this morning and this is a direct quote from the obituary:

He received his education at Mayo High School in Darlington, South Carolina. Later, he performed in a minstrel show with his twin brother known as “The Big Time Revue.” Together they appeared as the “Nit Wit Brothers. ” An acrobatic act which also featured the late Sammy Davis Jr.
So like..this dude HAS to be atleast related to Mike Steele because that kind of coonery is passed down from generation to generation.I wonder if national geographic is goin to be at the funeral ,because there can’t be many pure bred nigger ass niggers left…it can’t be.

Whats right with this picture?

Happy Monday Bitches!! lets play a game called Whats RIGHT with this picture.


Only thing I have to say is Kudos to the manufacturers of that obviously strong ass armchair…must be samsonite. My question is…who gonna clean that shit off when this whale of a heffa gets up? You know that shit gonna smell like last weeks bacon and leftover cabbage. Blech!

Hello world!

Hello mad men and womens…Thanks to the fine folks over @OHN, I’ve been inspired to blog. So basically what I’ll be doing is taking aim and any and everything. so um…come in…strap down…and go fawkin mad!!!

Bear with me folks..I’m new @ this. My layout will get better and the blogs will get longer and hopefully funnier. For those of you who do blog..I’m open to any help/suggestions u may have.