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60% of people give too much of a fuck

“I used to like chinese,now I just don’t give a fuck”

Start not giving a fuck today!!!

Because 5 ass’ are better then one?

I have nothing against big girls,I swear I don’t. However,when you are a HUGE girl and you try to dress like…well normal folk EPIC FAIL….

dumb donkey2

dumb donkey

Man this big bird look like she smugglin turkeys with swine flu into Juarez. I mean seriously I’ve heard of high self esteem but guddamn. There are very few things I’m sure of in this world but I know one thing..her creases have to smell like baby vomit and rancid canola oil. HOW DOES SHE SHIT? I’m so confused. so many questions…She is an ass lovers dream tho.. Bitch like “if got 4 ass chunks in the back,and 3 in the front just in case you bring 6 friends”.


I Guess this cunty little pickle smoker has a bit of a shoe fetish too…SMH


Join me

Suckable Toes (sexy shoe edition)

Let’s talk about heels….

work it bitch

Foot fetish has been defined as a pronounced sexual interest in the feet or footwear. Freud considered foot binding as a form of fetishism.[3] For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of the foot and toes (i.e., long toes, short toes, pointed toes, high arches, slender soles, fat toes, long toenails, short toenails, small feet, toenail color), jewelry, toe rings, ankle bracelets, treatments e.g.: french pedicure, state of dress (i.e., barefoot, flip flops, or clad in socks or nylons), odor, and any form of sensory interaction, e.g. licking, sucking, tickling, people giving foot jobs.[3]

Fuck you… don’t judge me.!!

Tommy Lee, Ludacris, Chingy, Quintin Tarintino, Burke Burke, Nelly, Bruce Willis, Britney Spears  To name a few..ALL HAVE FOOT FETISHES.

Nothing like some soft suckable toes accentuated by the sleekness of a well crafted heel.


Reasons for wearing high-heels, which are almost exclusively aesthetic, include:

  • they change the angle of the foot with respect to the lower leg, which accentuates the appearance of calves
  • they change the wearer’s posture, requiring a more upright carriage and altering the gait in what is considered a seductive fashion
  • they make the wearer appear taller
  • they make the legs appear longer
  • they make the foot appear smaller
  • they make the arches of the feet appear higher and better defined
  • they make the lower leg muscles more defined
  • not to mention they look soooo good dangling above my head during sex,and provides 2 nifty handles to boot!

I challenged some of my favorite Queens,trollops,and pixies alike to “show me your best CFM(come fuck me) heels. I must say I was delighted and overwhelmed by the response,and with what zeal you met your challenge. I received almost 50 submissions but I only posted my favorites. Let’s be honest..some of you birds have some seriously missplaced high self esteem,and you really shouldn’t be showing your feet. ::shrugs::

With that said, I present to you…..My favs…


kiana gold

Feet 001










banana puddin


bella gold





choc heels

foxy brown cfm


bella legs

london bronze

pointy see thru heel

snake skin london



cfm red


dez patent

When monkey’s go to the ball…

I guess you darkies will never fuckin learn. Guess you simple minded sons of bitches never been to sites like Ohellnawl or HotGhettomess or hell,even mine. Guess not. But if you silly sons of bitches want to continue to dress up like monkeys in clown suits,I will continue to showcase your coonery . Prom night in the ghetto is living proof , the white man shoulda never gave u niggas money..

case point…


This is nothing but an over dressed jail flick.Speaking of jailbirds I wonder what kind of bird is left bald and shivering in the cold after this bitches dress was made…

dead bird u have to take the whole “ghetto bird” concept literally? I would hate to have to clean up after this bird takes a dump. If you need a sponge u can use this dumb bitches dress…

spongebob dumb bitch

Ready kids? Ooooh..who lives in a rowhouse no where near the sea? Sponge Bob Dumb bitch!!!

And look at the Ghetto ass super HOEro…

super hoero

Her super power is having seven baby daddys and the ability to fuck up your credit.

Dear Diary,                                                                                                                           Today I tried out for “swan lake”, didn’t do too well.:O(…

ghetto ballerina


Why does it look like her ass is on her chest?…

dumb ass titties


Overdressed much?


Not really sure where these 2 over dressed bitches thought they were going.

Last and probably the least…(cultured),introducing: The Family Fuck-ups,Daddy Fuckup,Momma Fuckup,and Future Fuckup….

commietted to bad decisionsNeedless to say,with parents like that,he’s doomed.                            Side note* looking at the pic..that may not be his real daddy.

From the Bottom up…

People always ask me “what body part do you find most appealing.?”

First guess would be a big ole ass yes? All jiggly and bouncy and shit kinda like ……

niecy-nashs-fat-ass_14That’s a lot of ASS!!! Lawd knows I could surely punish that dunk till the cows come home.

Or could I be a breast man? Could these…


Make me say this….?

BIG be honest probably yes,but still not my favorite. So what is it ? What part of the females body do I look at before I look at anything else?What body part ,says so much about a womans hygiene,and her self image with just one glance? What body part ,when well taken care of can make a mofo like me lose his composure and end up lookin like this..


before the night is over?

These…sherri 2

Lookin like some leftover xmas candy. yum.

Keep the shoe game tight and the toe game will follow..


Peep the “black tipped” frenchie…g’head witcho bad ass.

Or this sickeningly sexy shit…..


This shit right here nigga ^^^^^ is some super sexy shit!

Man oh man I love me some suckable toes all kinds of toes in any color..I even like them pink toes like…



Yeah they long then a muhfugga ^^^  but them shits still can get dipped in some honey and sprinkled with love.Notice how all her toe is the same color and she ain’t got them dark ass toe knuckle chicks be gettin from wearin payless shoes.

I even like toes Gladiator style….

gladiator bella

Toesuckus Maximus like a motherfucker!!

When I’m on my Lord of the Rings shit..nothing ends the day better then a hot cup of coffee,a blunt of some good,and a mouthful of …

(disclaimer: Karrie B’s toe pics were supposed to be here with the headline “Pixie toes”but for some reason wordpress is being anti-pixie at the moment) yeah I’m bummed the fuck out too cuz her toes look like a handful of skittles.*slurp*

LAST ..but lawd knows not the LEAST…

jawdrop1236883259feet tat

Tattoo’s and toe rings are ALWAYS a plus!! These are feet that can walk over me anyday.Just look at the pretty, perfect, and all around slurpable goodness. Bottomline..the Epitome of suckable toes.Good Goddamn!

Housekeeping FAIL!

dirty-house-whore1She ain’t a bad lookin bird, too bad she bout trife as a motherfucker tho. Bitch why it look like you posing in an indoor alley? You movin out or movin in? AND judging from the cheap ass tile on the floor…PROJECTS. notice the empty box of trash bags on the floor..yet there is still a shitload of trash. I bet her cooch has a Mr. yuck sticker above it. Would you bone a bird (or dude) if you knew her house looked like this?

Tramp stamp Troubles?

Because you hate your parents….


This bitch loves the lord a lil too much.


Any ink you aren’t proud of?

Their parents lost a bet with Jesus.

So it begins….


you can’t really tell if this nigga face is upside done or not.


Not saying abortion is right…but if you KNEW your lil crumbsnatchers were gonna look like this ..wouldn’t  you consider it?


I dare you to draw a face on a trolls dick and it NOT come out looking like this.

ugly-chickI just threw this ugly chick in just cuz.

Fat girl Failure!!

Everybody who knows me knows I give big ups to Big girl who hold it down…but this pteradactyl right chea..?

welcome to the second installment of Fat Girl Failure.


overconfident much?

Then there’s  this one….


That is some totally disrespectful shit. poor bike.

No amount of febreeze is gonna get the smell of swine cunt off that seat.